So we are not, I repeat, NOT moving! And this is where I start backpedaling... I need to rescind our 30-day notice, unpack packed boxes, resubmit our names for an apartment change, blah blah blah. But I suppose it's a good thing:

  • I got rid of unnecessary junk that we've been holding on to for years
  • We get to stay in our ward (sorry WP ward, no Harrisons for you, sad clown face)
  • We get the entire (tiny) place to ourselves instead of sharing it with someone else
  • We will still qualify for Bridge Housing Scholarships, woot
  • Our not-so-great neighbors are in the process of moving themselves, so we will have (hopefully) better neighbors to stare at (our patios face one another)
  • We get the entire (tiny) place to ourselves instead of sharing it with someone else
  • In any event, we won't be here longer than 18 months anyway (once Bryan is done with school, we'll more than likely be in Washington or the East Coast)
  • We get the entire (tiny) place to ourselves instead of sharing it with someone else (gee, do I sound like I was worried about that one?)

In all honesty, the closer we got to moving, the closer I got to dreading it. This is coming from the girl that before she moved to Cali, she would move once every two years, give or take. I'm not a newbie to moving at all, and I'm always up for adventure. I just... was dreading it. So now I suppose I don't have to dread any more! And I can finally paint these white walls, ack! :)

David Bowie & Mick Jagger= BFF

If you can't watch all 3 minutes of this horror, get in line. This physically pains me, down to my own pair of 1985 banana yellow sneakers. The worst part (as if there is even a good part)? It's a cover song. WHAT are these guys doing a cover song for??? How two of the greatest rock legends since rock was invented came together like THIS...

the world may never know.


Want a good book?

I found a blog that I am totally in love with! My Super Hopeless Romance. Talk about unrequited love! Oh man, I'm totally rooting for this girl! It reads like a great book, and I'm not sure if it's really a true life thing (though pretty much every girl has gone through this in one fashion or another), but it's just so addicting! I've been up all night reading it! Get your fill, ladies. Twilight was SO last year! :)

It was cute the first ten times...

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

But after 20 times? Believe me, it gets cumbersome. Lincoln LOVES this song! I am over it. Sorry Doogie, we can still be friends, though. :)


The secret's out...

Three posts in one night... I am good!

I have been trying so hard to keep this hush-hush (haven't been too good at that) because we weren't sure if it really would happen, but we are moving! Into a house! Well, not OUR house, but a house nonetheless! We (more like I) are so excited to have a washer/dryer! It's not the perfect move, but it is pretty sweet. We are moving to Escondido with Bryan's parents, and I must say that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. We'll be there for 18 months tops, then it's off to who knows where next. Despite having to live with another family after myself being the queen bee, I think it's a good move all around. Wish us luck! We'll more than likely be in San Marcos until the week after Thanksgiving. But we will still be in the same Stake. Oh, how I love the Escondido South Stake!

This is a panoramic view of where we will live. It's actually 2 pics photoshopped together; the house is atop a hill, not flat like it looks (the driveway slopes).

The best part? We spent the better part of two months renovating the inside (remodeled bathrooms, refinished cabinets in kitchen & hall, new paint, new blinds, flooring, etc) because we were planning to rent it out. Circumstances just made it so that we would be the renters! YAY!

Orion update

Orion J. Harrison - 1/26/08

My beautiful sweet little boy is growing up so fast! He's still such a pudgy baby, I love it! This precious little one just keeps getting more and more rolls, it's so so cute.
He is starting to hold his own with Lincoln; his defense is grabbing hair.
He loves the bath and would spend all day splashing if he could.
He is standing up now! The longest he's stood up by himself is about 10 seconds, and he's getting braver by the day.
He is super fast in crawling mode.
He is a total flirt with the ladies, but he gets away with it because he really is such a beautiful little boy.
Orion is huge. He's just about 23 pounds and 9.5 months. Mr. Chunk. He wears the same size diapers as Lincoln (5). Between my two kids, I heft an extra 50+ pounds each day!
Orion has a naturally happy disposition. The only time he isn't happy or content is when he is tired, hungry, or needing attention. Seriously, everyone loves this kid! He is now in the 'talking' phase... oh wait, he's always been in the talking phase! He's quite vocal. His G-ma Patty says that he's going to be a singer like his mama. Hmmm, we'll see. That would be really fun!

(Orion with Aunt Chrissy)
Orion is my little snuggler. Lincoln wasn't too much of a snuggly baby, so I am loving this. His bedtime ritual? Dinner. Bath. Bottle. Throw him in his crib and put his blanket next to his face (okay, not really throw, you know what I mean). Walk away. Seriously. It's that awesome.
Bryan and I are so blessed to have this boy in our family!
Thanks again Aunt Jennie for the pictures, they turned out great!


Lincoln is such a blur of energy, hence the blurry picture! He is so communicative now, it's hard to keep up sometimes. Here are a few things he has done/said recently that have just made me laugh:

One morning, all four of us were playing on the bed, Lincoln pats Bryan's head, and says "I like daddy's spiky hair!" -Bryan shaves his head because he's going bald, there is no "spiky"!

I was laying on the floor, Lincoln snuggles up beside me, pokes my tummy a few times, and says "squishy". Yeah, nothing like a 2 year old to make any semblance of your self-esteem take a nose dive... :)

Every time he sees a candle (burning or not), he goes to 'blow it out', and starts singing Happy Birthday. He does it with our stove burners, too. SO funny!

He constantly climbs on the bathroom counter to get to his toothbrush/paste. His G-pa would be so proud!

We are potty training right now, and he INSISTS on doing it "like daddy". Exactly. The same stance and everything. Hilarious.

At least once per day, he grabs my purse, slings it on his shoulder as I would do, and yells "let's go bye-bye!"

He knows he's not allowed outside without shoes, so when the door is open he grabs the closest shoes he can find, whether or not they are his.

He puts coins in his pockets and keeps them there the entire day. And he gets REALLY sad if he loses them!

When he sees keys, he MUST try them out on a doorknob.

This morning he was jumping towards the bathroom fan (from the floor), and said "I can't reach it!"

If he is climbing on something that he knows is not allowed, he looks at me and says exactly the way I would "Don't fall"; same voice inflection and everything.

Today he was 'helping' me with Orion's diaper rash, and without my knowledge was smearing the floor and all of the toys in the room with TriplePaste. He even put it on Orion's face, probably thinking that cortizone (Lincoln has a rash on his chin) and diaper rash cream are one in the same. Poision Control said Orion would be fine.

If we are outside he reminds me "Stay on the sidewalk" (not in the street) or "get the mail". So cute!

In the car he almost always asks "Where's the music?"

When Orion is screaming, he says "ssshhhhhhh, QUIET", in a shushing voice. haha!

He has this fascination with eggs. I don't know where he gets it from. Today he got into the fridge -again- and grabbed the carton of eggs, put three in a bowl (that he also got from the cupboard), took a spoon from the drawer, then started stirring. Too bad they were still in their shells. When he realized this, he used his hand to squish one open. He was very surprised at the outcome!

Where does he get this stuff? He cracks me up!


the 4th

I've seen this tag go around for a while and I'm probably one of the later ones to participate, but here goes nothin':

This is our first place, Maple St, Escondido. Super cute, huh? I WISH we had the whole place to ourselves! Bryan and I rented the top half from our landladyfromhell, sort of like a granny flat. Once you enter the front door, there is a small parlor with an entrance to the first floor, then a grand(ish) staircase to your right with another locked entrance to the 2nd level. It's one of the historical homes in Escondido, and it was so beautiful and quaint and perfect! Besides the landlady. She was AWFUL.
Bryan moved all of our stuff in about a week before we were married, and things were so awesome. Until Ms. EVIL (names have been changed) called, on our wedding day, to tell us she was removing the front door to our flat. HELLO! I was so outraged! And if you know me, if I am truly fired up about something there is no one standing after my rant is over! :)
It turns out that unbeknownst to us, she was subletting (which means that she was renting herself, then making extra money by renting to us), which is #1 a HUGE no-no if you want to keep your Historical Home status w/ the Historical Society in Escondido, and #2, she was already in trouble with the city for doing it previously. That's why she wanted to take our front door away; so it wouldn't look like it was rented out. Oh, and I forgot to mention that our bedroom had no door on it (it wasn't built to be an official bedroom, so the original builders in 18something never equipped the opening to hang a door). So we thought that we were pretty much screwed.
Until the following Monday, when Terra Cotta called us and said we were approved to move in! So we spent our Honeymoon $$ on the deposit/rent, and our Honeymoon moving. What a way to start a marriage!
Anyway, that's what the picture is all about. Ahhh, the memories! :)

one of THOSE days...

Orion. All. DAY.

It only took one minute...

And about 30 seconds...

The balls were dirty? (another one of Lincoln's artwork pieces)

Soap. Everywhere.
BOY, am I glad they fell asleep early!


Yay, I got tagged by Melody! And Tiffany, I will eventually get to your purse tag (from about a million years ago), I just want to get a new purse first! :) K, here we go:

Favorite Person (outside of family)? Hmmm, I would have to say it's Sam. We just really get each other. And we have a really funny story about how we met and became friends that you seriously can NOT beat!

Favorite Food? Can't decide... oh the choices! Right now I'm really into pizzas. Like, gourmet make-your-own.

Quirks about you? I fall asleep while reading in bed. Not like I read to fall asleep, but I fall asleep with the book still in the reading position, and it will stay like that all night if Bryan doesn't see me! I have to have my drinking water SUPER cold. If it isn't cold, I won't drink it.

Any regrets in life? Nothing too major.

Favorite Charity/Cause? LDS church (tithing, fast offerings)

Favorite Blog recently? Embrace The Chaos, by far! I don't even know her (I found the link on Katie's blog), but when I've had a particularly bad "lincoln escaped/broke another irreplaceable item/had waaaaay too many tantrums" day, it always cheers me up. She has a really funny way of posting about every day catastrophies. I have stalked her blog more than a few times, and I've laughed out loud for 5 minutes straight before! Her kids are just like mine! :)

Something you can't get enough of? My babies (Bryan, Link, Little O)

Worst Job you've ever had? I haven't had too many bad jobs... I would have to say the worst was my last branch position at WAMU (Del Mar Operations Supervisor), not because of the position, but because of the other management. I loved my position, my tellers, my branch, but my management team... phew! They made my life very difficult (too much drama between them, and I got sucked in and forced to choose sides because I was the new girl in town). Good thing pretty much everyone has now gone their separate ways; they were a walking accident waiting to happen! Other than that, I LOVED working at WAMU, and would do it again in two seconds if circumstances allowed me to.

What job would you pay not to have? Mike Rowe's job (host of 'Dirty Jobs'). He literally gets the worst of EVERY job!

Guilty Pleasure? Bryan would say that I'm an ice cream fiend, but since the price has gone UP and the quantity has gone DOWN, I've given it up for the most part. Since then, it's been astro-pops (Big Stick popsicles... YUM!)

Got any confessions? I don't like chocolate. I'm a woman and I don't like chocolate, what's wrong with me? :) I don't even crave it during those few days every month... crazy, I know.

If you had $1000 dollars to spend on yourself how would you spend it? Oh my, a spa trip weekend. Let's go THIS weekend! Who's forking over the dough? :)

Favorite thing about your house? That it's not permanent.

Least favorite thing about your house? Itty-Bitty living space (name that Disney Animated Feature!)

One thing you are bad at? Fashion

One thing you are good at? Empathy/Compassion

If you could change one thing about your circumstances, what would it be? Mo' money! And a paid off house next to a lake, (but not next to the Mississippi, which floods every year anyway)!

Who would you like to meet someday? Sarah Palin; maybe she could give me some fashion tips while I'm meeting her, LOL

What makes you feel sexy? When my hubby... ummm, never mind!

Who is your real life hero? My husband. He is so awesome and forgiving and self-sacrificing, and funny and spiritual and a great daddy!

What is the hardest part of your job? Endurance, consistency, and PATIENCE

When are you most relaxed? When the kids are asleep!

What can you not live without? Spontaneity

Do you agree or disagree with the recent article that reported that blogs are authored by narcissists? Never read the article, but probably disagree to a point. There probably are people out there that just love to write about themselves/their adventures. But most of us use a blog to share with others that we can't see on a regular basis. But let's be honest here... doesn't everyone love to get comments? It motivates us to keep writing more!

Why do you blog? For the comments... LOL! Really, it's so I will remember what went on a few weeks prior. My memory has become that splotchy. Hopefully it will come back soon.

Who are you tagging? Sam, Rebecca, Brooke B (both of you), Katie, Tiffany, and YOU! :)


Random thoughts

I know all of you are dying to get into my fabulous brain, so here is a snippet of what I think about during any given day. Any responses (or answers to my musings) would be greatly appreciated!

Google Reader is a great tool but I am too lazy to put in all the addresses. It would be nice if they joined the 21st century and allowed an easy transfer/cut and paste option. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong??? Sheesh!

If Lincoln escapes one more time today, I swear I will chain him to a DOOR.

I wonder what it would be like to be a surrogate mother? I bet the husband would absolutely HATE that. All those hormones, then no baby at the end. wow.

Should I try to sell my diaper clutches and baby blankets? Would it even be worth the hassle? I know how much PAPERWORK and TAXES are involved even in a small business. Could I really handle it on top of all that stuff I do now?

I HAVE TO GET A REFRIGERATOR LOCK. One that works. None of this 'stick on and clasp' crap. Don't people know my boy is an evil genius?

What should we do (for free) tomorrow? Bryan is getting the dent in his truck fixed and it's going to take the whole day in San Diego. I'm thinking Presidio Park, Balboa Park, then... maybe Seaport Village? Oh boy, I'm gonna be loving the two boys with no naps situation tomorrow!

I really hope we can sell our car and get a bigger one SOON. Then again, not really. I need four doors, but as bad as a coupe is, a coupe is better than no car at all.

Global Warming is both a myth and a reality. It's seriously overkill. Al Gore, get over it. And you DIDN'T invent the Internet, sorry.

Wow, I thought Prop 8 passed? What's up with the GLBT community trying to spread "tolerance" after it passed? And I really wish they wouldn't compare this to the Civil Rights movement. That is so LAME.

Speaking of, why oh WHY are Bisexuals lumped in with the gays/lesbians/bisexual/transgender community? If your attraction to the same sex is something you are born with (which is what they claim), and bisexuals have sex with BOTH men and women...? I don't get it. To me, regardless of a bazillion studies, that is a choice. A pretty strange one at that.

I'm so sad that Michael Jackson is a weirdo. His music is (was) awesome.

I've come to realize that my kids love rocking out to 80's music. Orion prefers Robert Palmer (you're addicted to love), while Lincoln loves Bon Jovi. Who knew?

I CAN'T WAIT FOR JANUARY 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bryan will graduate with a BA in Graphic Design emphasizing in 3D Animation. I will finally have my husband AND my nights back! I can handle being a single mom for one year and three months...

Santa is poor this year, so I won't be getting a new digital camera. So sad. Maybe after our tax return?

I keep forgetting to borrow mom's water bath (canning). Maybe on Saturday!

Should I grow my hair out again, or keep it short? I like it long, but Bryan like it short. The problem with short hair is that it has to be 'done' all the time. That is not possible for me right now. Not when Lincoln wakes up with the sun. I can barely get in a shower!

The battery on our laptop started failing exactly 10 days after our warranty expired. Huh. How clever.

Making your own baby food really isn't as terrible as I thought it would be. I'd been meaning to do it for months now, and now that Orion is almost done with it... well, I suppose I'll do it indefinitely for our next ones (No announcements, I'd better not be pregnant!).

I now have a lot of stage 2 & 3 baby food coupons up for grabs...

I'm LOVING that Lincoln is so into carrots right now! I can tell him that sweet potatoes (cut up) are carrots and he eats them. Now if I could only get Bryan to do the same... the only veggies he eats are the lettuce and tomato on a burger!

Why do I still submit my Pamper Points if I pretty much know I'm never going to use them? All their prizes are dumb now. They no longer offer the Kelty Kids Bike I had my eye on... hmmm.

How on earth can a two year old have this much ENERGY?

I'm so glad Orion is pretty darn easy going. At least for now. For all I know he could spend the rest of his life catching up to Lincoln.

I love that my boys are so close in age, but it's still pretty funny that there are some out there who think they are twins. Yeah... one of my 'twins' has dwarfism. No, they are not twins, birth control just doesn't work correctly for the Harrison's!

I haven't had a nice compliment from a male in a long time (besides Bryan). Do I really look that Matronly? Gotta work on that. Not that I'm fishing for compliments or anything, but you know how it is... it's nice to know that you've still got it.

If we don't end up in California, we are more than likely going to settle in the Seattle area. I can safely say that I am so stoked at that prospect! Considering that I'm not too big of a beach person, and it costs two arms and a leg to buy a house here, I'm not all that choked up. But that's a long way off anyway. And it's ultimately which video game company Bryan is going to be working for. I know he wants to open his own studio... but I really don't want to! Not after our own business endeavor. I want my job to be the mommy and that's it. (No more paperwork/accounting that keeps me up) Everyone knows how much of a full time job that is in itself. And I think I'm pretty good at it, too! Just please, no more small business owner stress attached!

I really need to be better at eating during the day. I get so busy with whatever that I don't realize how ravenous my body is, then I overeat and start the vicious cycle all over again. I won't be able to get away with that for forever.

I wonder how newspapers are still in business? How has the Internet affected their revenues?

The problem with our financially lacking status isn't our overspending, it's our lack of anything coming in! Good thing it's not for forever.

Wouldn't it be awesome to be COMPLETELY out of debt? We're getting there! This year we started by not using ANY of our credit cards. It's been tough, but amazing to not owe any more than we already do.

I found out today that we owe less that I originally thought for Bryan's truck; YAY!!!

I need to find a sweepstakes that I can enter for free and win a car/suv/van/anything bigger than we have now that gets decent gas mileage. Then I need to win it. :)

Our next baby needs to be a girl. I've paid my dues. :)

I REALLY need more space than we have. A homeofficekitchenlivingdining room isn't cutting it. I am constantly in a state of clutter and that's really getting to me. I would love to be where I once was: uber organized. Methinks I will never get there!

SO bummed that the Nutmeg house probably won't work out. Chalk it up to just ANOTHER Harrison (extended) family miscommunication (hate those).

I am so close to going out and getting ANY paint color for the walls. I am so done with no personality stark white walls!

Wow, even though my kids are crazy, I am SO glad they don't act like the neighbor kids. Lincoln really is a thoughtful, sweet boy. He's just so full of energy and inquisitiveness, too!

So, if we're having Thanksgiving a week early (McBride side), does that mean I can decorate for Christmas a week early? :)

I am really looking forward to the day when we will have a back yard. Can't wait. So excited. Hoping it's sooner rather than later.

It bugs me when people just look at my blog and don't comment. I don't care if I don't know you. But the funny thing is, I totally do the same thing!

I need to get Bryan's heart and glucose levels checked out. There is diabetes in his family and I think he's a pretty high risk. He doesn't seem to think it's all that important. HELLO, it is!

I need new frames and glasses. Gotta wait for the tax return! :)

To go for cloth diapers or not...? If I had my own washer, definitely. But, seeing as I don't, no way.

Who do I know that wants a Costco sized jar of pickles with about 5 pickles missing? Yes, I still have it! Pickles don't go bad for years anyway, and I value the fridge space more than the pickles!

I've never been a girly girl, but I'm not a sporty girl either. Where do I fit in? Not too sure. Does that mean I'm having an identity crisis?

I'm glad Lincoln is getting over the 'break everything in sight just to see if it really holds up' phase. Really glad.

How are we going to put up or tree this year with TWO sets of sticky fingers?

The Twilight movie? Sure, I want to see it. But I'm not totally into it. Maybe I'll ask Lisa to go and make the hubbies watch the kids. No video games, just play with the kids!

I want to lose 40 pounds in 6 months. That's about 6.6 pounds each month. Less than 2 pounds per week. I can totally do that.

What to make for dinner? Leftovers, yay! :)

Thanks for taking a peek into my psyche! Come back anytime!


Adventures in feces

Yeah, scary title! Our story begins on a lovely blustery Sunday afternoon. The Harrison family has a long standing tradition of the Sunday nap. All four of us take a nice nap on Sunday after church. It's great to be able to do it (no after church meetings for us anymore/yet), so we take advantage where we can.

Lincoln has been boycotting the naps lately. This doesn't bother us too much, as his doorknob has a lock on it facing outward (Honestly, if you think this is cruel, you need to spend an entire day with him and try to make him take a nap/go to sleep at night. After you do that, then you can bring on the protesting, lol!), for his safety, and my sanity!
Anyway, it takes him a while to settle down as it is, so when I hear him banging around in his room, I'm not overly concerned.
I took a nice long nap. Orion snoozed peacefully. Bryan slept great. Lincoln did not sleep. At. ALL. I remember waking up during my nap, and Bryan telling me that he wasn't asleep yet. I was enjoying my nap too much to do anything about it, so I hurridly went back to sleepy-land.
Hours have passed. We are all up, and refreshed from our siestas. Orion is in my arms, waiting to be changed. Bryan is up, more than likely on the computer. Then I hear a very sleepy moaning in Lincoln's room. It's the sound where your kids just got woken up unintentionally, they are still sleepy, and getting louder by the minute. So I did what I normally do, and opened his door.

Lincoln decorated his room in POOP!
When I say his room, I mean his ROOM! The walls, his toys, his sheets, his blankets, his hands, Orion's crib (which has been set up since day 1 but has never been able to sleep in because apparently Lincoln doesn't like to share a room), the carpet, even the doorknob is covered in the stuff! Wow, I must have a budding artist, because he even textured the walls in a Jackson Pollock-like manner. Lucky me.
I was so stunned, I had no words! Then Bryan got a whiff... wow! Lincoln was awarded with a not-so-warm bath, and a stern talking to. He was visibly upset and sorry. (I restrained myself quite well and didn't freak out too much) And Bryan got the very best award... he got to clean the carpets, protein spotter and all!
Don't worry, I got my little prize, too. I got to clean the walls. Yummy. And by the time we got to Lincoln (we don't really know what time the prepetrator defaced the walls), his poop was already dried up in little drywall-like clumps on the walls. Oh, goody. He even took special care to get it on the baseboards. If anything, he is thorough. I went through an entire cylinder of clorox wipes, then Lysol to boot.
One great thing came out of this ordeal. It obviously left a huge impression on Lincoln that this was the WRONG thing to do. That very night, he woke up around midnight (what a surprise, we were still up), knocked on his door (remember, the locked one!), and said he needed the potty. And did he ever! He filled up that potty pretty well, even though he could have used his diaper to pee in. Yay for Lincoln! Since the poopy incident, he has been awesome in the potty department. So I'm happy (???) for his artistic poop. And let it be a lesson to me that he's actually ready to be potty trained; I shouldn't be so lazy about it!


Is it 2012 yet?

I don't know about anyone else, but did Obama's Presidential Acceptance speech sound more like an Oscar speech? At least at the beginning, I was waiting for the orchestra to cut him off because he went overtime! But maybe I shouldn't even say anything, since Big Brother is now watching, and I am now a racist for not agreeing 150% in Obama's policy for "change". I dunno, being a small business owner makes me want to keep the money I earn, not spread it around. Hmmm. And I like babies, and I don't believe in or endorse infanticide (abortions "gone wrong"). And I kind of think that spending government money on "New Programs" won't get our country out of hock. And I think it's counterintuitive to pull out of a war -that we are WINNING- before it is finished. Just my two cents. What about you?


Happy Halloween!

We had a great night, starting off with a SHORT visit to the San Marcos Pumpkin Patch with cousins Maya & Logan. There were papers posted that said they were closing that day at 5, and we got there at 4:45. Oops! Oh well, we had some fun taking pictures in costume.

Batman, Joker, and daddy in a pirate hat

Beautiful cousin Maya, so grown up looking as Cleopatra. I love her 'model' hands!

Batman plotting to save Gotham once again.
Cousins, Lincoln & Logan

'I'm Batman!' 'No, I'm Batman!' SO stinkin' cute! We totally didn't plan it either. Logan looks indignant! :)

Maya with Orion the Joker

I love this picture!

After the pumpkins, we went to Nate & Lisa's neighborhood to do some Trick-or-Treating with more cousins. It was perfect; the neighborhood wasn't busy, there weren't too many houses to visit, and it tired him out just right. It was Lincoln's 1st time going TOT, & it was a little difficult of a concept to understand that you don't eat the candy right away!
Lincoln kept on saying "follow Lisa". I don't think he knew what that meant, but it was really cute!

L-R: Batman Lincoln, Dino-Zane, SIL Lisa, Princess/Ballerina Hannah

I. officially. LOVE. this. porch!!! And the country blue door? Marvelous! When we build our home (3000 years from now), this is my porch! And I'll take the hubby and firstborn, too!
After about half an hour of TOT, we crashed my parents' ward Trunk or Treat. It was fun for me to see people I knew from me growing up in that ward, and they were all so surprised that we now have two kids! I guess so, considering we haven't been married for that long? Anyway, it was fun. No pictures of that though. So here are some close-ups of my heroic/villanous cuties:
And here we are headed to a Halloween party w/o daddy (school). I put together my costume in about 10 minutes; I wasn't expecting to dress up this year (school)!


Yes on 8!

I just want to say how much is bothers me that people talk about civil rights and Prop 8 in the same breath. Civil rights is about race, religion, creed, and most recently, age (and more than likely coming soon, mental capacity).

HOW is Prop 8 a civil rights issue???

  • First of all, homosexual relationships have EVERY RIGHT afforded them that heterosexuals do. Sometimes it seems like they are afforded even more...
  • The union of MARRIAGE IS NOT A CIVIL RIGHT. If that were the case, then 10-year-olds could be married with no issue or accountability.

Finally, and actual Civil Rights Activist on our side!

I got this video through an email. I already knew that Palomar students weren't typically MIT material, and this just reaffirms it to me. I love what Trent writes at the end of the video about his 1st and 2nd Ammendment rights!

Satan is gnashing his teeth and pulling out all the stops right now, but can be, no, we ARE stronger with the Lord on our side. One of my best friends was called a 'baby killer' when she was holding Prop 8 signs at a busy intersection. ??? I think maybe that person was confused? When she told me that, I actually laughed out loud because it was so incredibly asinine and uninformed!

I also thought that this was excellent information for all those fence-sitters that everyone knows of. Spread the word! Seriously, this feels like to me what the War in Heaven must have felt like. It has been difficult for many people because of our relationships with those whom have different lifestyles that we lead. But right is right, wrong is wrong, and just because the majority votes wrongly STILL doesn't make it right. It's our responsibility and opportunity to stand up for our beliefs and values NOW. We are at the last 100 hours of doing what we can to support Proposition 8. Let's make it count!