Lincoln is such a blur of energy, hence the blurry picture! He is so communicative now, it's hard to keep up sometimes. Here are a few things he has done/said recently that have just made me laugh:

One morning, all four of us were playing on the bed, Lincoln pats Bryan's head, and says "I like daddy's spiky hair!" -Bryan shaves his head because he's going bald, there is no "spiky"!

I was laying on the floor, Lincoln snuggles up beside me, pokes my tummy a few times, and says "squishy". Yeah, nothing like a 2 year old to make any semblance of your self-esteem take a nose dive... :)

Every time he sees a candle (burning or not), he goes to 'blow it out', and starts singing Happy Birthday. He does it with our stove burners, too. SO funny!

He constantly climbs on the bathroom counter to get to his toothbrush/paste. His G-pa would be so proud!

We are potty training right now, and he INSISTS on doing it "like daddy". Exactly. The same stance and everything. Hilarious.

At least once per day, he grabs my purse, slings it on his shoulder as I would do, and yells "let's go bye-bye!"

He knows he's not allowed outside without shoes, so when the door is open he grabs the closest shoes he can find, whether or not they are his.

He puts coins in his pockets and keeps them there the entire day. And he gets REALLY sad if he loses them!

When he sees keys, he MUST try them out on a doorknob.

This morning he was jumping towards the bathroom fan (from the floor), and said "I can't reach it!"

If he is climbing on something that he knows is not allowed, he looks at me and says exactly the way I would "Don't fall"; same voice inflection and everything.

Today he was 'helping' me with Orion's diaper rash, and without my knowledge was smearing the floor and all of the toys in the room with TriplePaste. He even put it on Orion's face, probably thinking that cortizone (Lincoln has a rash on his chin) and diaper rash cream are one in the same. Poision Control said Orion would be fine.

If we are outside he reminds me "Stay on the sidewalk" (not in the street) or "get the mail". So cute!

In the car he almost always asks "Where's the music?"

When Orion is screaming, he says "ssshhhhhhh, QUIET", in a shushing voice. haha!

He has this fascination with eggs. I don't know where he gets it from. Today he got into the fridge -again- and grabbed the carton of eggs, put three in a bowl (that he also got from the cupboard), took a spoon from the drawer, then started stirring. Too bad they were still in their shells. When he realized this, he used his hand to squish one open. He was very surprised at the outcome!

Where does he get this stuff? He cracks me up!

2 devoted readers:

shay said...

do you find LOTS of money in the washer? What a fun little boy!

Brandon and Rebecca said...

That "Where is the music?" thing cracked me up...and how smart! Total cause and effect logic! (early childhood development class coming out) I can't believe he's so big! :)