Orion update

Orion J. Harrison - 1/26/08

My beautiful sweet little boy is growing up so fast! He's still such a pudgy baby, I love it! This precious little one just keeps getting more and more rolls, it's so so cute.
He is starting to hold his own with Lincoln; his defense is grabbing hair.
He loves the bath and would spend all day splashing if he could.
He is standing up now! The longest he's stood up by himself is about 10 seconds, and he's getting braver by the day.
He is super fast in crawling mode.
He is a total flirt with the ladies, but he gets away with it because he really is such a beautiful little boy.
Orion is huge. He's just about 23 pounds and 9.5 months. Mr. Chunk. He wears the same size diapers as Lincoln (5). Between my two kids, I heft an extra 50+ pounds each day!
Orion has a naturally happy disposition. The only time he isn't happy or content is when he is tired, hungry, or needing attention. Seriously, everyone loves this kid! He is now in the 'talking' phase... oh wait, he's always been in the talking phase! He's quite vocal. His G-ma Patty says that he's going to be a singer like his mama. Hmmm, we'll see. That would be really fun!

(Orion with Aunt Chrissy)
Orion is my little snuggler. Lincoln wasn't too much of a snuggly baby, so I am loving this. His bedtime ritual? Dinner. Bath. Bottle. Throw him in his crib and put his blanket next to his face (okay, not really throw, you know what I mean). Walk away. Seriously. It's that awesome.
Bryan and I are so blessed to have this boy in our family!
Thanks again Aunt Jennie for the pictures, they turned out great!

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shay said...

what a darling little guy!

Ashley said...

He is so cute! I hope to have a little boy someday too!