I know I've been such a SLACKER. I totally know that, and I embrace it! :) I haven't even blogged about summer yet. But it's my blog, and I'll blog if I want to? :) Yeah, that's it!

Anyway, there's a blog I follow that does frequent giveaways. I just couldn't pass this one up! Go HERE to enter a chance to win the cutest flower clips! They are simple, adorable, with a touch of bling. Just how I like them (I think. As you all know I'm still so new to this whole 'baby girl' thing. So I'm collecting my stash now!).

Go enter! :) And I promise that I'm going to have really good posts from the past coming soon!


I totally get it now

To all of you who have girls... I get it now!

I understand why everyone 'oohs' and 'awes' over baby shopping. I understand why you just can't help yourself 'just looking' at the baby clothes, and snagging a great find or two. Every shopping trip. I now understand why it's so easy to get in trouble at the checkout counter!
90% of everything is super cute! I mean, adorable! It's such a different experience! With boy gear, about 30% of it is really dorky. Like, 'if I put my kid in this they will get beat up' dorky. Not to mention, the selection of clothing/shoes is slim to none compared to the smorgasbord of girl items. Really.
I have sooooo much less of that while perusing for girl items. I don't have to scrutinize each and every purchase for the dorkiness factor. AND... there are actually cute shoes that I have several kids' sizes to choose from. It's so refreshing! And really scary that I can blow so much money on an infant who won't be born until late February.
There is a flipside, however. Modesty is already an issue??? Wow. I mean, holy WOW. Baby string bikinis? I'm just worried about sunburn! :) Who on earth thought it was a good idea to make g-string underwear for a 3 year old? I can see this being a potential lifelong battle. So maybe having to worry about the dorkiness factor isn't so bad. :) But it's still way fun to shop for all things delicate, girly, and feminine!


In case you haven't heard...

I'm over the moon! And Bryan won't have to get into any trouble (haha, inside joke). And this is really the only appropriate time to show private parts and not blush about it, or be reported as a slimeball, so here goes:

Those are definitely girly parts!

This girl was pretty much rockin' and rollin' in there; she didn't stop moving for a second! It was really cute to see her strike so many poses and wiggle around, like she KNEW she was on camera or something. That's totally the McBride side of her; no fear with the camera rolling!
We saw her kicking and twisting, and even opening her mouth a few times. It was too precious.
The boys came with us in their PJ's (it was a super early morning appointment), and they were also mesmerized. So cute! Now Einstein says "I have a baby sister!" Curly is indifferent. I think he's still a bit young to care until he actually sees her for real.
I thought this one was pretty funny, so I had to add it. She's looking so dramatic, like she can't bear to hold her arms up for another second!
So, there you have it folks! We are finally evening out the score here. A little more estrogen in the family is definitely a good thing. So now I have to re-learn all the girly-girl stuff! Hopefully it will all come back in a hurry. :)