It finally happened.

Original Post: 5/3/09
I finally allowed Curly's hair to be cut.

It really was getting ratty and poofy, and I stalled as much as I could. But Bryan finally got his wish, and buzz cut my baby's hair! He's been wanting to shave (yes, SHAVE) his head for months. ??? It must be some weird rite of passage thingy with boys and their daddies. Or maybe it's just my pseudo-eccentric-at-times husband. At any rate, it was the chopping block for those luscious curls! :(
It got to the point where I could put Curly's hair into a little pig tail, so I knew the time was coming for a trim. But who can ever trim a baby's hair??? They are so wiggly it's almost impossible. So... out came the hair clippers, and Au revoir beautiful hair! Now he looks like a mini-businessman to me. But he's still so cute, I could kiss him all day!
I sure got the stink-eye for putting his loooong hair in barrettes!
Einstein has informed me that ponytails are called "hair-tails'. So funny!
Sheesh, kid! You have some long locks!
For months, I had put my foot down that "Absolutely NOT" Curly's hair was going to get cut, let alone buzzed! So we came to a happy compromise and he got a short trim. I was silently hoping and praying that Bryan wouldn't 'slip' and be 'forced' to cut all of Curly's adorable hair.

But Curly did exceptionally well with his first haircut! He hardly squirmed at all, and wasn't afraid of the buzzing noise from the clippers. Kudos to you, little man. Even with the ticklish, wispy baby hair, he did really well. That also meant no bald baby. Only a few spots needed to be touched up, and Bryan didn't 'mess up' with a baby's head trying to make a quick getaway (you all know what I'm talking about), so he was able to keep a little length.

Did you notice Einstein sitting so quietly in the background? I think he was in awe that someone else gets their hair cut around here!

Look at all that hair... GONE!

Gone (with the trim) are the reddish highlights he once had. Now he is a fully BLONDE kid. He looks like a mini-surfer with intensely blue eyes and very beach-blonde hair! People were so shocked to not even recognize him for a minute. I just hope that his curls eventually do come back... I hope, I hope!

Isn't he such a cute little kid? I love it! :)

UPDATE: It's been a few weeks since his haircut, and his curls are in fact growing back. Big sigh of relief for me on that one! :)

I'm a big kid now

*Original Post: 5/5/09*
Today Einstein got a real BIG BOY BED!!! I've been waiting for this day for quite some time, probably more excited than him! He's been sleeping on a crib mattress on the floor ever since he could climb out of the crib (over a year, people! I'm really on top of things...). My brother Jared and his awesome bride Jennie donated the bed and frame and sheets! Thanks guys! It's seriously the comfiest bed a big kid could ever hope for!

Anyway, J&J live in St. George, so they hauled all this stuff with them in their little Element (tight fit!) for about 6 hours. Talk about family love! :) When they came to set it up, Einstein was SOOOO excited and talking a mile a minute. JRAD was so awesome to set up the frame and even put the sheets on while Jennie and I got caught up a wee bit and entertained Einstein for a few minutes. And once the bed was up, the jumping commenced! He wanted everyone to jump with him, especially Jared (who is 6'4"ish)! It was super cute to see the pure joy on his face.

Thanks again Jared & Jennie! You two are awesome! The sheets even matched perfectly the boys' room colors... I guess great minds think alike! :) You know now that every time you two visit, Einstein will force you to jump on his bed!


Feeling lazy?

I just posted something really cool on my exercise blog, Svelte. Go check it out!


Just wanted to say...

Thank you for all of your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. I felt so much strength from all of you during my not-so-great week. I felt incredibly uplifted through my grief. Now it's back to the daily grind, and I am so fortunate to share it with friends like you! Thank you!

Cookies - back from the dead

Kellogg's have resurrected the Mother's cookies brand for good. Apparently, the rights were bought months ago, and they were back just in time for Mother's Day. How cute.

So I can have these babies any time now?
Well, life just got a bit easier!


Einstein has been asleep since 11:30am. Growth spurt, anyone? And even with all the 'extra' time, I still feel like I haven't got anything done. huh. :)
P.S. He just woke up and it's 4:01pm. Wow.


I lack...

The abiliy to post pictures at the moment. I have so much to post, too! It's something about updating drivers, and that's about where I fall asleep and let Bryan handle all the techi stuff. But he's been hard at work, building web sites and such. He had a HUGE final he's been working on, and has been working (at work) like crazy, so I haven't seen him much this last week, not to mention he hasn't been able to do anything on my very long and detailed "honey-do" list lately. I will be SO glad when this class is over!

Anyway, if you want to see what he's been working on to get his "A" in the class (which is hardly ever given on the final project, according to the professor), go to his latest website, game art nerds. This latest creation is why my husband has been MIA for the past few weeks! It still has a few tiny glitches (it runs slow from internet explorer), but he has until Monday night to put on the finishing touches. What do you think? I know the content is not up a lot of people's alley (at least people that read my blog), but what do you think of the artwork/placement/graphics/etc? I think it's genius, but then again, I am pretty biased. So that's where you come in. What do you think?

I love Battlestar Galactica.

Yes, I am a nerd.

But President Roslin, you're my kind of woman. Apollo, you are so hot, and you have such a good heart (and being hot doesn't hurt at all either). Admiral Adama? You kick butt. Starbuck? Too bad you are so brilliant and you keep messing everything up. Gaius? You know you're batting for the wrong team. Boomer? I'm SO glad you've defected! Helo? Keep loving her, and take care of Hera! Tyrol? Please stay with Cally and forget about Boomer! Six? You're so bad! Colonel Tigh? I'm really sorry about Ellen, but she was never good for you. Gaeta? You're a genius.

Oh, wait... you don't know who these characters are???????? You seriously don't know what you're missing. It's the most un-sci-fi show that's ever been on sci-fi. It's sooo good. Dare I say, better than Firefly. I'm not kidding. Who else is a closet Battlestar Galactica fan? If not, you should really become one. Bry and I stayed up waaaay too late on a number of nights, watching episodes back to back to back. It's that good. I can't wait for the final season to come out on DVD. And those of you who have seen it, don't spoil it for me!
Here are the last 3 seasons in a nutshell:



I had a miscarriage.

Crazy to write that.

I am unsure what to feel.

No, strike that.

I have a LOT of feelings going on.

My logical side is just fine --- the timing is not right, no matter how much I wanted it to be. I know that, Bryan knows that, and Heavenly Father knows that. Even though we both had an amazing spiritual confirmation to expand our family, only Heavenly Father knows what timing is exactly right for us.

My physical well-being is just fine --- other than being extremely tired and a little crampy, physically I am well. I am healthy, and other than a little more sleep and a little time to baby myself, no other procedures are (thank goodness) necessary. I can carry on as normally as before, and I think being physically busy will help with healing as well.

While I know and believe all this, try relaying that to my CRAZY hormones! I am weepy. I am empty. And though I in no way feel *responsible* for losing this child, I still feel upset about it. Even though I am at peace with this logically and spiritually, emotionally I am still a major train wreck.

The (not so detailed) details:
I really wasn't too far along. No announcements were made; the only people who knew sort of guessed that I was expecting.
Two weeks after I found out I was pregnent, the dreaded spotting came. And it never went away.
Bryan and I went to the doctor today (SO glad he was there!), who confirmed to us that I was no longer pregnant.

So, if I was able to give this spirit at least a glimpse of a physical body, I am happy. I am still happy right now, just a little sad, too.

I would also like to add that I am so extremely grateful that Bryan is my husband. He is so inspired, and he is a wonderful Patriarch to have in my home. I love you, honey!