I'm a big kid now

*Original Post: 5/5/09*
Today Einstein got a real BIG BOY BED!!! I've been waiting for this day for quite some time, probably more excited than him! He's been sleeping on a crib mattress on the floor ever since he could climb out of the crib (over a year, people! I'm really on top of things...). My brother Jared and his awesome bride Jennie donated the bed and frame and sheets! Thanks guys! It's seriously the comfiest bed a big kid could ever hope for!

Anyway, J&J live in St. George, so they hauled all this stuff with them in their little Element (tight fit!) for about 6 hours. Talk about family love! :) When they came to set it up, Einstein was SOOOO excited and talking a mile a minute. JRAD was so awesome to set up the frame and even put the sheets on while Jennie and I got caught up a wee bit and entertained Einstein for a few minutes. And once the bed was up, the jumping commenced! He wanted everyone to jump with him, especially Jared (who is 6'4"ish)! It was super cute to see the pure joy on his face.

Thanks again Jared & Jennie! You two are awesome! The sheets even matched perfectly the boys' room colors... I guess great minds think alike! :) You know now that every time you two visit, Einstein will force you to jump on his bed!

3 devoted readers:

Hazen5 said...

Those naked pictures are too funny!

Big Kid beds are the best, he's growing up too fast.

Ruth said...

I love how you censored the last pics. :) You are too cute.

Ashley said...

Those censored pictures are so funny! And that's great that he has a big boy bed now and loves it too.