It finally happened.

Original Post: 5/3/09
I finally allowed Curly's hair to be cut.

It really was getting ratty and poofy, and I stalled as much as I could. But Bryan finally got his wish, and buzz cut my baby's hair! He's been wanting to shave (yes, SHAVE) his head for months. ??? It must be some weird rite of passage thingy with boys and their daddies. Or maybe it's just my pseudo-eccentric-at-times husband. At any rate, it was the chopping block for those luscious curls! :(
It got to the point where I could put Curly's hair into a little pig tail, so I knew the time was coming for a trim. But who can ever trim a baby's hair??? They are so wiggly it's almost impossible. So... out came the hair clippers, and Au revoir beautiful hair! Now he looks like a mini-businessman to me. But he's still so cute, I could kiss him all day!
I sure got the stink-eye for putting his loooong hair in barrettes!
Einstein has informed me that ponytails are called "hair-tails'. So funny!
Sheesh, kid! You have some long locks!
For months, I had put my foot down that "Absolutely NOT" Curly's hair was going to get cut, let alone buzzed! So we came to a happy compromise and he got a short trim. I was silently hoping and praying that Bryan wouldn't 'slip' and be 'forced' to cut all of Curly's adorable hair.

But Curly did exceptionally well with his first haircut! He hardly squirmed at all, and wasn't afraid of the buzzing noise from the clippers. Kudos to you, little man. Even with the ticklish, wispy baby hair, he did really well. That also meant no bald baby. Only a few spots needed to be touched up, and Bryan didn't 'mess up' with a baby's head trying to make a quick getaway (you all know what I'm talking about), so he was able to keep a little length.

Did you notice Einstein sitting so quietly in the background? I think he was in awe that someone else gets their hair cut around here!

Look at all that hair... GONE!

Gone (with the trim) are the reddish highlights he once had. Now he is a fully BLONDE kid. He looks like a mini-surfer with intensely blue eyes and very beach-blonde hair! People were so shocked to not even recognize him for a minute. I just hope that his curls eventually do come back... I hope, I hope!

Isn't he such a cute little kid? I love it! :)

UPDATE: It's been a few weeks since his haircut, and his curls are in fact growing back. Big sigh of relief for me on that one! :)

11 devoted readers:

Jill said...

Oh I LOVE little boys with haircuts. So cute.

Dan~Kerstin~Bree said...

He looks so cute (but yes, more grown up).

Matt & Brooke said...

He looks so BIG!!! I love those blond curls-i want some!

queenieweenie said...

I swear it's a "man" thing. The first time Matt buzzed Spencer he looked like a chemo patient. So sad.

Hazen5 said...

NOOOOOOO! NEVER CUT CURLS! He looks so much older. I am glad the curls are growing back.

Raadgep Fam said...

Okay I am boycotting! Do you remember that when you cut Ls hair he turned half devil most the time. WHY WHY WHY! I loved his curls! I am so in denial! I know you had to but Ahhhh man!

I am going to Disney land wends. and tuesd. I am spending the day I think with Crystal for her birthday. But Thurs. I am all over you guys!

Ruth said...

I am SO GLAD his curls are growing back!! I totally would have stalled as long as you did on that one too! Your boys are beautiful.

Kedrick & Kori said...

Oh my goodness your boys are soooooo sweet. I haven't done any blogging for so long. I was sad to read about your miscarriage :( Are you doing any better emotionally The furthest distance travelled is from the head to the heart! So true. You're great and it is fun to keep in touch over blogging!

Carli said...

haha! I love peppers, but I also love your usage of smattering! : ) you are too funny!

shay said...

When we did that to Brayden his curls never grew back...I was forever sad! Your little Curly is darling either way, but I gasped for a second when I saw those clippers!

Ashley said...

He is totally adorable! I love all the curls and I could see why you'd hate to chop them off, but he looks so cute with the short cut too. So far my kids have straight, straight hair. Curls are adorable!