Remembering Memorial Day 2009

* This is going to be a lame post because Blogger is being retarded and not letting me post pictures correctly. So unfortunately, what little pictures I have are all you're gonna get!*

So wasn't Memorial Day just last week? Oh...
Anyway, time flies when you're having fun!

We spent the morning at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery in Point Loma, taking pictures and letting the boys run run R U N ! ! ! It was so funny to see them use all of that square footage! (Grandma & Grandpa Harrison decided to come with us, which we loved. It was great to hang out with them and get extra help with kids!)

They were into the gravestones, the grass, and Einstein especially loved the water in the flower vases. ??? I have no idea, but it was the coolest thing to him! The view of the bay was absolutely gorgeous, and Grandpa Harrison (I always have to refer to him as that around my kids since both Bryan's and my dad are named "Michael". We couldn't have planned it any more confusing for our and Nate & Lisa's kids. What? Double cousins? WHAT? Two Grandpa Mike's??? Crazy!) didn't dissappoint with his stories of jets zooming overhead when he worked in San Diego.

After puttering around for a bit longer, we decided we wanted to go to Cabrillo National Monument. We didn't really end up doing too much there; we went to tour a lighthouse, but that ended up being really boring and the kids were getting tired, so we didn't stay longer than half an hour. It was funny to see Einstein so excited to get up there (he walked everywhere all by himself; no stroller for him!), then once we went in, he lost total interest. He was way more interested in the wildlife! Curly was just happy to be around people, and flash his million dollar baby smile to everyone that would give him an opportunity. Kid celebrity, anyone? :)
It was a great day to get our kids' wiggles out, and for daddy to be around. Did I mention I LOVE holidays from school? It was SO great having Bryan for the ENTIRE day! I really look forward to future weekends, when he doesn't have to work, when he's not doing homework, and we can go do FUN things together!
(On that good note, however, I think it's best to not take his advice on the subject of whether or not to take strollers. On this little trip, we opted (he suggested) to not take our stroller. Granted, we wouldn't have used it at some places, but it sure would have come in handy on some of those long trails! We were lucky to have his parents with us, or my arms would have been totally shot by the end of the day!)

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Ashley said...

Those are some great pictures! I know what it's like to go back and post pictures from a little while ago, trust me! It always takes awhile for me to upload pictures, edit them, and post about them. Totally understood!