WOW.  woweeee...  I've been neglecting this poor little pet blog for far too long!  It's not like I have anything else to do {guffah}.  I'm hoping to get this little slice of me up and running again.  And I might reach that goal.  Now that the latest facebook update is pretty lame, I may just meet this particular goal! :)

Quick update (most of this might be old news, but it's still new news) :

  • Blessing has some spinal issues and we'll find out more this week (she just keeps on surprising us!)
  • Curly started preschool and loves it!
  • Einstein is in Kindergarten and is thriving and growing in education!
  • Bryan graduated with his BS in graphic and web design!
  • Sarah survived it all with flying colors!

And that's it for now :)


hard work

Eating was just too much for little blessing this morning!

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Future Missionary

Falling asleep on his knees. :)  only 16 years until "curly" becomes known as "Elder Harrison"!


I love secretly capturing little moments in time like this one! It makes me feel truly blessed.  Einstein is SOOO good with his baby sister!



No wonder my pantry is always empty! I have Superman and Iron Man against me!
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