WOW.  woweeee...  I've been neglecting this poor little pet blog for far too long!  It's not like I have anything else to do {guffah}.  I'm hoping to get this little slice of me up and running again.  And I might reach that goal.  Now that the latest facebook update is pretty lame, I may just meet this particular goal! :)

Quick update (most of this might be old news, but it's still new news) :

  • Blessing has some spinal issues and we'll find out more this week (she just keeps on surprising us!)
  • Curly started preschool and loves it!
  • Einstein is in Kindergarten and is thriving and growing in education!
  • Bryan graduated with his BS in graphic and web design!
  • Sarah survived it all with flying colors!

And that's it for now :)

2 devoted readers:

Carli said...

Im glad you finally posted! I am at a lack for blog reading material!

Carli said...

Im glad you posted! I have been at a lack for blog reading material! Sorry about blessing. That must be so frustrating!