Best. Week. EVER.

***Pictures to come***
(that is, if I remember)

This week was SO awesome! Despite the yucky heat and humidity, I had such an awesome time with my husband and boys!
Bryan had basically the whole week off, so we spent most of it goofing off and just spending TIME together. How I love doing that! I wasn't worried about money (which hardly ever happens to anyone, really), and I wasn't stressed about his work. I was just content, and that is a gooooood feeling!
Wednesday was our 4 year anniversary, so we whooped it up by heading down to Ikea to replace our dilapidated, mismatched bedroom furniture! Actually, all the furniture we own (except our bed, that would give me the heebie-jeebies) has been bought/gleaned from the wonderful world of Craigslist, all acquired at different times. So none of our stuff matches or coordinates!
Anyway, going to Ikea was great because two things happened: we got matching his/hers dressers, and I FINALLY convinced Bryan that Ikea makes good quality furniture from actual wood and not particle board. And it's relatively cheap. I like that, too! :) He had never been to Ikea before, so it was fun to see him enjoy most of the showrooms and get his take on furniture items. I'm not a fan of all their stuff, so it was interesting to see what he liked and hated versus my likes and hates!
After Ikea and lunch, we dropped the boys off @ my bro & SIL so we could have some grown-up fun! We spent the rest of the afternoon at Disneyland. It was hot hot HOT! And super humid! But it was still so fun; not having the kids there (dare I say it) made it even more fun. Just the fact that we were there together. alone. able to talk about adult things and not worry about lost/hungry kids was a major plus. Since it was later in the afternoon, all the lines had died down quite a bit. It also helped that most kids were already back in school!
We ended up walking around Downtown Disney, which was pretty cool, too. We ate on Main Street and walked wherever we wanted to; no stroller to maneuver! :) Thanks again to Lisa and Nate for watching our kiddos for us! :)
This week would have been just as awesome with just our anniversary. But we found out some GREAT news this week, too! Bryan got a letter in the mail, congratulating him on his recent 'Alan and Ruth Stein' scholarship award. HELLO!!! It was a huge undertaking to get all that paperwork filled out! And it ended up to be a substantial amount of money, which we are so incredibly grateful for! He was one of ten recipients, out of thousands entered. I couldn't be more proud of him!
As if our week couldn't get better, it actually did. Our great friends Eric & Katie Harding offered to watch our kids so we could go to the temple this week. Wow, what alternate universe am I on this week; TWO dates in three days??? And we had a great time!

I love weeks like this. I've always been a strong believer in opposition, and how everything has an EQUAL opposition. I know that's not written anywhere exactly that way (I've looked!), but I think that's how it works. Anyway, that belief kept me going through our many many hard times last year (I could list them out for you, but believe me, I don't want to depress you). Things have been building up for the better for us, and this week has reaffirmed that to me!

So Bryan, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love you so much and I'm so glad that you convinced me that it would be okay to date you, even with the funky familial connection. You know as well as I do that we've had our fair share (or more) of downs, but we've pulled each other up by the bootstraps and relied on one another. And of course, Heavenly Father.
I'm so proud of you and what you have accomplished! You are a great man; hard working, full of integrity, a wonderful Patriarch to our family, and an amazing example to our children! I am aware of the sacrifices you make, they do not go unnoticed. I love you! Your boys love you. Can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with you. Starting today...

Te amo!