Einstein's PARTY!

This year, we had a pirate party for Einstein. It worked out perfectly since he's had pirates on the brain for months (his birthday is 8 days before Halloween).

Now, I am NOT a good cake decorator. The professional result always turns out tons better than my attempts! I'm sure that if I had a teensy bit of training, then I could totally become Cheff Duff (Ace of Cakes. Check out the viking wedding cake, holy crazy)! Anyway, I tried my best. I made a pirate treasure chest, and I realized at midnight the night before, I failed to buy 'treasure', so I had to make do with what I had. So I suppose it was an already-pillaged treasure chest! :)

We also had a pinata, which is always a hit. No pun intended! (I must be in a silly mood) There was so much candy in there; at least 12 pounds! I was really happy to see it go, and there were no leftovers! A ton of kids, you know. Awesome!

Fun was had by all, and I was happy it was over at the end! October is always a crazy month for us :)