I have been so lazy and unmotivated to do anything for this poor blog! And all of my recent posts have been really boooooring. So in an effort to simplify, I'll just make a list for now and get to the details when I can:
So, this post will be the first one you see until I'm done with these bullet points. Hopefully it won't take 6 months, haha!

Flowers from Einstein

Einstein is already a ladies man. He picked me flowers last week. It was the sweetest thing! He went outside, picked a single flower that he spent several moments deliberating about, came inside, put it in the bowl, repeat. Having those flowers reminded me of how conscientious of a little boy he is. They surprisingly lasted for several days!


Museum of Photographic Art

So Bryan comes up to me one night and says "Oh yeah, I have a mandatory class field trip to Balboa Park, and you and the boys are coming". The field trip was the next night. Ummmm, ok. A *little* fair warning (like more than 12 hours) would have been acceptable, too!
Off we headed to the Museum of Photographic Arts, where there was an Ansel Adams exhibit.
We had so much fun on an actual family day! Those are few and far in between these days, and I relish every moment of them.
Einstein & Curly had so much fun running around and hamming it up. Einstein hijacked the stroller and rode over 'the bumps' as many times as he could (I think he does this because when we make trips to Target, I make a big fun deal about riding over the yellow safety bumps while they're in the cart, kind of like a mini-roller coaster. So that's why I think he tries to ride over any 'bump' he can find). Curly found a little sewer pipe cover-thingy and tried to pick it up, even though it was bolted to the ground; it was so funny to see how focused he was in trying to pick it up!Einstein couldn't stop talking about the 'spikey lamps' (pictured above). We had to repeatedly explain that the spikes were so birds wouldn't poop on them, or us!
We loitered around the Japanese Friendship Garden, and searched for the coy fish in the huge reflecting pond, until Bryans class went into the exhibit. Einstein had such a ball 'feeding' the fish grass, 'because they like to eat grass', he said. Haha! We had a hard time keeping Curly from jumping INTO the pond. That would have definitely been a bad moment if it happened. But luckily we persuaded him not to, and everything turned out great.

Einstein was pumped that we were so close to real live airplanes in the sky! Every time one would pas (like, every 15 minutes) he would stop whatever he was doing and announce that a plane was coming. So cute!
Of course, we weren't allowed to take any pictures inside the exhibit. It's always like that! In all honesty, the exhibit itself was really boring. And I can appreciate art *almost* like an art history buff. The cool parts were finding out about how Ansel Adams was such a stud/nature man/musician/philanthropist/all-around cool dude who just happened to contribute a lot of sweet stuff to further photography to its modern status. The actual pictures features truly seemed like Ansel Adams cast-offs and experiments gone awry. I'm not sure why those particular portraits were chosen, but oh well! We still had fun going to the park together as a family!
It's funny how I get so excited about the intricate details of Balboa Park. Like, every single time I go, I am in awe of the landscaping, the architecture, and the history of the park. I love that we were together as a family having a play day, too!

Mother's Day gift for Father's Day

Since I wasn't in the best mood/physical capacity to even enjoy Mother's Day, we decided to
fore go celebrating. And of course, that made me even more emotional to think of what would have been, had I not been having a miscarriage. ANYWAY, my gift came this week:

Powershot SX110 IS, 9.0 mpx, 10x optical zoom 3" lcd screen

I love this camera. I L.O.V.E. it!!! I was really hesitant to give the OK for another Canon Powershot because of a mishap with a previously owned one, but I am so in love with this one! Funny, though; the idea of a nice camera is still new to me. I always forget to bring it wherever I go! I'm still so used to our ancient (in digi-camera years) 6-year-old Nikon that I forget to remember that, oh yes! I can take great shots, too!
The best part? Bryan found it for dirt cheap online, and took it to Best Buy for their price-matching policy. So not only did we buy it for *almost* half off, we got a sweet warranty to boot. Gotta love his magic frugal-buying powers! We both HATE paying full price for pretty much anything, so our union with this delectable camera has been a wonderful match! Coming soon: beautiful quality pictures!


Itsy Bitsy Freezer

Every time I come back from a Costco trip, I feel like I'm playing freezer-Tetris! I LOVE their bulk items. My freezer does not! I suppose it's a good thing it's only a once-a-month trip for the time being.


Remembering Memorial Day 2009

* This is going to be a lame post because Blogger is being retarded and not letting me post pictures correctly. So unfortunately, what little pictures I have are all you're gonna get!*

So wasn't Memorial Day just last week? Oh...
Anyway, time flies when you're having fun!

We spent the morning at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery in Point Loma, taking pictures and letting the boys run run R U N ! ! ! It was so funny to see them use all of that square footage! (Grandma & Grandpa Harrison decided to come with us, which we loved. It was great to hang out with them and get extra help with kids!)

They were into the gravestones, the grass, and Einstein especially loved the water in the flower vases. ??? I have no idea, but it was the coolest thing to him! The view of the bay was absolutely gorgeous, and Grandpa Harrison (I always have to refer to him as that around my kids since both Bryan's and my dad are named "Michael". We couldn't have planned it any more confusing for our and Nate & Lisa's kids. What? Double cousins? WHAT? Two Grandpa Mike's??? Crazy!) didn't dissappoint with his stories of jets zooming overhead when he worked in San Diego.

After puttering around for a bit longer, we decided we wanted to go to Cabrillo National Monument. We didn't really end up doing too much there; we went to tour a lighthouse, but that ended up being really boring and the kids were getting tired, so we didn't stay longer than half an hour. It was funny to see Einstein so excited to get up there (he walked everywhere all by himself; no stroller for him!), then once we went in, he lost total interest. He was way more interested in the wildlife! Curly was just happy to be around people, and flash his million dollar baby smile to everyone that would give him an opportunity. Kid celebrity, anyone? :)
It was a great day to get our kids' wiggles out, and for daddy to be around. Did I mention I LOVE holidays from school? It was SO great having Bryan for the ENTIRE day! I really look forward to future weekends, when he doesn't have to work, when he's not doing homework, and we can go do FUN things together!
(On that good note, however, I think it's best to not take his advice on the subject of whether or not to take strollers. On this little trip, we opted (he suggested) to not take our stroller. Granted, we wouldn't have used it at some places, but it sure would have come in handy on some of those long trails! We were lucky to have his parents with us, or my arms would have been totally shot by the end of the day!)