Mother's Day gift for Father's Day

Since I wasn't in the best mood/physical capacity to even enjoy Mother's Day, we decided to
fore go celebrating. And of course, that made me even more emotional to think of what would have been, had I not been having a miscarriage. ANYWAY, my gift came this week:

Powershot SX110 IS, 9.0 mpx, 10x optical zoom 3" lcd screen

I love this camera. I L.O.V.E. it!!! I was really hesitant to give the OK for another Canon Powershot because of a mishap with a previously owned one, but I am so in love with this one! Funny, though; the idea of a nice camera is still new to me. I always forget to bring it wherever I go! I'm still so used to our ancient (in digi-camera years) 6-year-old Nikon that I forget to remember that, oh yes! I can take great shots, too!
The best part? Bryan found it for dirt cheap online, and took it to Best Buy for their price-matching policy. So not only did we buy it for *almost* half off, we got a sweet warranty to boot. Gotta love his magic frugal-buying powers! We both HATE paying full price for pretty much anything, so our union with this delectable camera has been a wonderful match! Coming soon: beautiful quality pictures!

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Ashley said...

Wow, fun!!! That is such an awesome Mother's day gift! I am with you on that one, I hate paying full price for anything too. There's always got to be a discount somewhere!

Tiffany said...

Good job! We definitely need to go to the zoo then and get some good use out of your camera.

shay said...

Wait...I'm a little out of it--did you just have a miscarriage...or did you have one and you would have been having a baby right about now? Oh, either way, so sorry to hear that--I know how awful that is. NICE camera...glad you're enjoying it taking pics of your yummy boys!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I had one for Mother's Day. What a great present, I say so sarcastically. But no worries! Everything is fine, now that the "I feel crappy and crazy" phase has been over and done with for a while, now!

Marcie said...

I'm sorry about the M too, Sarah. They are so hard. I'm glad you're doing better. :)