My Boys

Here is the latest on the Harrison boys. Fun fun!

Lincoln is as busy as ever. He loves his fruits, especially apples and oranges. If you let him, he will eat them whole, rind and all. His most recent feat is mastering climbing on chairs. He's quick! If you aren't watching him, he WILL climb up on the kitchen table and ensconce himself, wrappers and all, on an almost full pack of gum that your hubby left open on the table! He definitely keeps me busy, but he's worth it. He's a happy little boy that is persistent, thoughtful, and flirtatious all rolled into one.


Lincoln is so fun to have around! He makes me laugh. By the way, that's an orange he's eating, rind still intact.
Well... I couldn't resist! He'll take shoes over clothing any day!

Yesterday, my sweet little Orion rolled over. At less than two months. What the? I would have liked for him to be less mobile for slightly longer. No dice, mama! He now weighs in at 12lbs, 6oz, almost double his birth weight! Slow down, little chunker man. :) He's my little guy smiley, and he loves to 'talk' with you. I also LOVE that he is a sleeper! He and Lincoln have an unspoken understanding; they just keep out of each other's way for now. Just wait until Orion can run with the pack... oh boy!

I absolutely love this picture! It looks to me like Orion is throwing his head back in uproarious laughter.
How could you NOT love a face like that? So many people have wanted to take him home with them, because he's such a good baby.
Orion loves to smile, and I'm sure if he could, he would talk his head off :)

Bryan is now officially the sole owner of Phoenix Industries. It is somewhat exhilarating but also pretty scary. Please remember us in your prayers and send us your referrals!

So, that's my life in a nutshell. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve, but that will be another post!


Things (of the moment) I love

Here is a list of a few of the things I am lovin' right about now! They all have links so you can get further details. Enjoy!

The Snack Trap - sooooo good for kids and their little crumbly snacky snacks
Mrs. May's Fruity Snaps - I was babysitting a friend's son who is a very picky eater, and he gobbled these up! 100% fruit and nothing else except totally delicious. (Bonus... you can get a box of 20 at Costco!)
David Archuleta - What a heavenly voice. The word is that he is also LDS. He reeks of it! :)
Brooke White - Such a cutie; also possibly LDS. A veritable ray of sunshine!
The FLYLADY! - I'm not die-hard, but I love the mindset of a clean sink.
Triple Paste - Now a believer!
Blockbuster.com - Couldn't be any more convenient.
The Biggest Loser: Couples - Pure motivation!
Swiffer wet - Great for a quick mop job.

What are everyone else's momentary/new found loves? I wanna know! :)


Any Suggestions???

Okay everyone, I need HELP!!!

I have been researching a LOT of double strollers. We have one now that is far from glamorous, hence the window shopping. I have my eye so far on this model:

It's a twin savvy, by Combi.
Does anyone out there have a good sound review of this stroller? I can't even find it for a test drive; I've only found internet stores that carry it. If I want to shell out anything over 100 bucks, I want to make sure it's what I really want! I really love the double fold feature, but I want to know if it drives well, can it handle not so smooth terrain (like, needs-to-be-repaved sidewalk, etc), is it as sturdy as it is light, are the wheels crappy a la shopping cart, or are they awesome? Just a few things I would like to know from people who actually own this stroller! I'm a little tired of reviews from the conglomerates who are trying to sell it in the first place... who woulda thunk that their opinions would be biased? Huh, imagine that. :)

Thanks for all your help!!!


Bryan is AWESOME!!!

Bryan is simply amazing. He's so awesome at pulling me out of my 'funk'!

This song describes it all:

(make sure to turn off my other music player first - on the bottom of the page)



I have been reflecting on a lot of things lately, and I wanted to make a list of what I am grateful for, as petty as some may seem. They are in no particular order.

1. Music
Be it hard, soft, classic, spiritual, or anything in between, music has always been so huge in my life. I am glad that we can express ourselves through this wonderful medium!

2. Hot running water
After serving a mission in what is considered a 'third world country', I am often reminded of the things we take for granted, like hot running water. How happy I am to be able to wash my hands in a temperature of water other than frigid. :)

3. Positivity
This year has had a rocky start, and sometimes it feels like there is no light and NO END to the tunnel! It helps to be positive and to have people around you that keep your chin up.

4. Technology
Not to quote Kipp or anything, but "I still love technology..."

5. Laughs
This kind of goes hand in hand with positivity, but I am grateful that even after being pummeled by one mini crisis after another, I still can laugh and not take myself too seriously.

6. My Husband
We are in this together. He is my rock. He keeps me sane and calms me down when I freak out. He doesn't get mad when I don't make dinner. He is calm when I complain. He lets me sleep in. He takes over with the kids after a full day of two different jobs. He inspires me. He helps me with my goals. He treats me like a queen. He takes me out of my comfort zone. He humors me when I want to be silly. He is my lover. He is my best friend.

7. Lincoln
What a 30 pound package of joy! He learns so fast and is so sweet and giving and innocent. He reminds me that it's mandatory to play a little every day, that taking naps is a must, and the great outdoors can be quite an adventure! Lincoln is such a great big brother, and loves helping take care of little Orion by giving him binkies and kisses. I love my little buddy!

8. Orion
He's not even two months old, yet he has such an expressiveness about him. He is such a chunky little cuddle bug, and still tough enough to stand Lincoln's 'love taps' (love smacks is more like it). He was a surprise addition to our family, but I wouldn't trade him for anything!

9. Water
Primarily, clean drinking water. I couldn't live without a ton of COLD water every day!

10. Makeup
When I get a chance to actually get ready for the day, I like to look pretty. I just couldn't do this without the help of good old cosmetics... hooray for makeup!

11. Toilet locks, cabinet locks, and other child proofing locks
Whomever came up with this idea has their calling and election made sure, if you know what I mean! :)

12. Having served a mission
Serving a mission has prepared me infinitesimally for life, for wife hood, for motherhood, for business, for everything. I am so so soooo grateful that I had the itch to go, and that I followed those promptings and served the Brasilian people!

13. My testimony
It has waxed and waned, been strengthened, been tested, and been stretched, and for all of that, I am grateful! I am secure in the peace I feel when I rely on my testimony to make proper decisions in my life. My faith and testimony have never steered me in the wrong direction.

14. Comfort
Having a place to live, living in a beautiful place, feeling comfort within our four walls, having all of our needs attended to. I'm grateful for comfort.

15. The Temple
It has been way too long since I have been able to attend with my husband. I miss being able to go any time I wanted. I am glad for all the wonderful experiences I've had and will continue to have there. I'm glad I had the opportunity to be a temple worker and serve others there, as I have been served.

16. Marriage
My husband is hot. He makes marriage so easy. I'm grateful that he and I work together so well, and that I look forward to every day with him. Marriage ROCKS!

17. Singing.
I always wanted to be a rock star when I grew up. I guess I'm not grown up yet, because I still want to be one! I'm grateful that I can 'sing my blues away', or just sing in the shower these days. I'm grateful for my singing talent, and that I can use it to soothe my children and to woo my husband! :)

18. S3X
I will keep this blog G-rated, but I AM grateful!

19. My Body
I always complain about how much weight I need to lose, how unfit I am, how imperfect my imperfections are. Don't we all do that to ourselves! But I am grateful that I have a body that is strong, that I have the ability to move and walk and run and jump, that I have the ability to chase Lincoln around, that I am healthy and that I am making healthy choices.

20. My mind
I am glad that I can hold my own in a semi-intellectual conversation, that it was important for my parents to have smart and educated children and that we all got there somehow! :)

21. Books
I am a bookworm! I always have been, ever since I could ever remember. I'm thankful to escape the world a chapter at a time, and be submersed in whatever I'm interested in at the moment.

22. Sacrifice
This is a funny one. While one is doing it, we are generally not grateful for it. We are happy when another does it for us, yet don't see the benefit of doing it for others. Nonetheless, I am still grateful for the opportunity I have to sacrifice during this point in my life. I don't think I will ever have the chance to do it in the same way as I do right now.

23. Work
I'm grateful that even though the economy is slowing down and that it's a slow season for carpet cleaning, we still have enough money to meet our immediate needs. (Phoenix Industries)

24. Prayer
WHAT A BIGGIE! Without this medium of conversation, where would I be? Upstream without a paddle, that's for sure!

25. Past Boyfriends.
Glad I went out with them. Glad I learned from them. Also glad that they are in the past and I didn't end up with them!

26. Cars
Even though Sacramento Legislature thinks it's a great idea to go super green and car-less, I am so grateful that we have a reliable vehicle!

27. Tax returns
Who isn't grateful for them? Enough said.

28. 100 calorie packs
GREAT little treat that takes away your desire to overindulge yourself! I'm glad they keep me on track (for the most part) with my weight loss goals

29. Strollers
I know this is kind of a frivolous one, but you try lugging around TWO kids! We have a beat up pre-used one currently, but I will be so happy when the day comes to get rid of it and get the one I have my eye on. For now, I'm grateful for the beat up pre-used one.

30. Washers and dryers
They make our lives that much easier. Believe me, I lived without BOTH for a year and a half!

31. Dishwashers
For the same reason. They make our lives that much easier.

32. Simplicity
I'm glad we have the chance to stop and smell the roses every once in a while to reevaluate our lives and refocus

33. Spontanaety
Sometimes in life you need a little kick-in-the-pants jumpstart, and that's why I'm glad to have spontanaety in my life. Those big and little happy fun quirks that make one day different from the next really make me smile (hint, hint Bryan!)

34. A Clean House
This hardly ever happens, but when my house is at least tidy, I feel grateful that it is! I feel much more relaxed and on top of things when the stars are in alignment just enough so that the troops (hubby and kids) don't trash the place!

35. Being a Mommy
I love being a mommy. Can I say again that I LOVE BEING A MOMMY! Of course, there are rough patches and threatenings of corporal punishment for ten years, but I still love it! I love seeing my babies learn and mimick and grow and flourish. What better thing is out there? I am SO grateful that my husband sees me staying home to be mandatory for our childrens' upbringing, just as I see it.

36. Chick Flicks
I'm not a huge fan, but every now and again, I need a good chick flick cry, or just that fuzzy feeling you get when the girl and guy ultimately end up together in the end, amidst conflict. I'm grateful for the fairy tale ending!

37. Friends
Where would I be without good friends? A lot of my really close friends moved away, and that made me sad. But I realized that I could make MORE good friends! And I am grateful for all of you. I may seem aloof, but I really appreciate all your friendships and would love to hang out with all of you more!

38. Modern Medicine
I am so glad that we live in a time where we have antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and pain relievers, etc. I am SO grateful for epidurals (did you know it's just lidocaine? That's the same stuff dentist's use to numb your gums when you get a tooth pulled!), and all the great physicians that accompany these wonderful drugs (that we use in moderation, of course). I'm grateful for the medicinal advances that humanity has made in the last two centuries. We're so lucky!

39. Rain
I love the smell of rain, what it does for mother earth, and how it washes everything clean again.

40. The Atonement
I can't even describe my thankfulness in a paragraph for this priceless gift. Thank you would be insufficient.

41. Sleep
Which is what I need to be doing now!

All this may have seemed like a tirade of ramblings, but it has been very therapeutic for me. Thanks for getting through the list with me! No matter how dark the night may seem, the sun always comes up in the morning.


Decision 2008

Here is a picture of Lincoln in the bathtub at one month old.

Here is a picture of Orion in the bathtub at one month old.

Brothers? You decide!


Perfectly Coifed

Last Friday I wasn't feeling the greatest. I had a sore throat, my head was pounding from sleep deprivation, and Bryan and & had planned a date that night, the first in months. Just my luck; there was no WAY I was going to bail out on our date! So, what did I do? I slept as much as I could during the day! Once Lincoln went down for a nap, I did the same. I'm so very lucky that he takes long naps! Orion was also incredibly accommodating; my children are awesome!

Anyway, after I woke up feeling 80 times better, refreshed, and ready to tackle the rest of the day, in true Sarah fashion, I decided to take on a major project:

Shave Lincoln's head!

Everyone loves Lincoln's hair, as it is the perfect blonde color, thick, and healthy. I can't tell you though, how hard it is to get fully wet during a bath, let alone how frustrating it can be to have to trim it every two weeks because of it's rapid growth.

It turned out so cute! I called Bryan to tell him I was shaving Lincoln's head, and he laughed in surprise and told me to wait for him so he could do it. So I waited, and mid-head shave, Bryan started getting the buzz cut bug, and decided to shave his head too.

Lincoln was at first scared of the sound the shaver made, but once we let him hold it and see what we were doing, he was for the most part not too wiggly. It did take forever though, because he was so curious about where all the hair was coming from.

Once they were both shorn like a sheep, the fallen hair could have posed as a small yappy dog, there was so much hair! I was more shocked to see that from Lincoln, he's not even two!

(Lincoln's hair is the 1st picture; Bryan's is the 2nd)

The moral of the story is that my life is slightly easier; bath time is twice as fast since I don't have to wrestle with Lincoln to fully wet his hair. It now takes about two seconds to dry, too. Success!

By the way, our date was awesome! We went to the Flying Bridge in Oceanside (yummy), and then The Spiderwick Chronicles. It's similar to a modern-day 'Labrynth', without David Bowie. Not for young kids, way too scary-realistic looking. But it was great get away from reality predictable entertainment.