Any Suggestions???

Okay everyone, I need HELP!!!

I have been researching a LOT of double strollers. We have one now that is far from glamorous, hence the window shopping. I have my eye so far on this model:

It's a twin savvy, by Combi.
Does anyone out there have a good sound review of this stroller? I can't even find it for a test drive; I've only found internet stores that carry it. If I want to shell out anything over 100 bucks, I want to make sure it's what I really want! I really love the double fold feature, but I want to know if it drives well, can it handle not so smooth terrain (like, needs-to-be-repaved sidewalk, etc), is it as sturdy as it is light, are the wheels crappy a la shopping cart, or are they awesome? Just a few things I would like to know from people who actually own this stroller! I'm a little tired of reviews from the conglomerates who are trying to sell it in the first place... who woulda thunk that their opinions would be biased? Huh, imagine that. :)

Thanks for all your help!!!

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Marcie said...

We actually have this stroller and I have been very happy with it. I got mine at Babies R Us- have you checked there? It doesn't handle super tough terrain very well but since it isn't made for it, I'm always on paved sidewalks or the mall with it. It handles slightly bumpy terrain just fine. For me, we already had a single regular stroller and a single jogging stroller. I thought this would be more versatile than a double jogger, but I know lots of moms that are also happy with their double jogger. I just didn't want four different strollers and figured that I would rather run on my own when I could anyway! So I highly recommend this product.

Cassie Bizzigotti said...

The stroller I had for the kids when the older two were little was like this.


I really liked it becuase I could still use the carseat with it. It turned fairly easy. Since they had stadium seating, front and back... they didn't bother each other very much. It also fits through smaller doorways.

I had a double jogger for about a month. It was before they all came out with the swivel wheel on the front so I'd have to push the front wheel up whenever I was turning. That hurt my back a lot. I got rid of it shortly after.

They are always building better products though. I'd probably go to babies r us and test them out with the babies in the stroller.

If I were to do it again, I'd buy the graco duo glider again.

The Price Family said...

Oh my goodness I love that you found me. We can be friends on blogspot....

Dan~Kerstin~Bree said...

I have a single version of this stroller. It's ok---doesn't handle or turn very well. My husband and I are both tall and we were hunched over pushing it. I found a Maclaren on clearance at Target for $50 and love it. No more slouching. Try Craigslist for a used one maybe. I have found great deals on there!