Things (of the moment) I love

Here is a list of a few of the things I am lovin' right about now! They all have links so you can get further details. Enjoy!

The Snack Trap - sooooo good for kids and their little crumbly snacky snacks
Mrs. May's Fruity Snaps - I was babysitting a friend's son who is a very picky eater, and he gobbled these up! 100% fruit and nothing else except totally delicious. (Bonus... you can get a box of 20 at Costco!)
David Archuleta - What a heavenly voice. The word is that he is also LDS. He reeks of it! :)
Brooke White - Such a cutie; also possibly LDS. A veritable ray of sunshine!
The FLYLADY! - I'm not die-hard, but I love the mindset of a clean sink.
Triple Paste - Now a believer!
Blockbuster.com - Couldn't be any more convenient.
The Biggest Loser: Couples - Pure motivation!
Swiffer wet - Great for a quick mop job.

What are everyone else's momentary/new found loves? I wanna know! :)

4 devoted readers:

Joey said...

brooke white is LDS. I love her too. Davids cousin is in my aunts ward, but not sure if he is active. Amazing voice though!

Joey said...

okay this is carli. Not sure why it says joey, don't even know a joey

Lianna said...

Sarah, I just saw your guys' carpet sign on the corner of Rush and it made me laugh. I like reading your blog. Call me next time you want a walking buddy.

The Price Family said...

Sarah your family is so stinking cute. Really your boys are so cute. I kept looking at pics and all that came out of my mouth with every pic is "he is so cute" Oh I can't wait to meet them. Jesse and I will be in cali for the whole month of May. Maybe Elizabeth can be a girlfriend to one of them. Haha