Happy 4th!


Einstein, you are 4! I seriously can't believe it! How did an innocent, spry baby turn from Mr. Inquisitive to Tornado Extrordinaire, to loving, responsible you, in 4 short years?

Mom and dad love you SO much! And so do Curly and Blessing! I know that this year your birthday was overshadowed by your little sister's homecoming, but it doesn't make your special day any less special.

I love {and hate} your confidence; how easy it is for you to talk to ANYONE. It's so cool {and terrifying} that you go up to anyone at all and strike up a conversation!

It's so sweet how much you idolize daddy. Even though it's SO annoying that you ALWAYS get into his tools and always want to 'clean our carpets', it's pretty endearing. I know there will eventually be a day when we will miss that.

You've always been so good to your little bro. You've always had a big heart when it comes to him, and you always include him in everything you do, be it helpful things, or naughty things!And I have to say that I really LOVE that you eat your vegetables! Your favorite vegetable is raw broccoli, just like dad. I've never had to fight with you to finish your greens; in fact, that's usually the first thing to go from your plate. That in and of itself is worth it's weight in gold! :)
So happy birthday, my incredible Einstein! Here's to many more years of adventure without abandon!


A day in the life...

I LOVE having all three munchkins at home! It makes life so much fun! Blessing has really just slipped right in to daily life with us, and it's so perfect. Einstein and Curly just love her so much, and really, what's not to love? :) Besides the sometimes scary exorcist-type coughing and spitting up (her reflux is showcased at the end of the video) she is such a dream to have around!

We've been having an excellent time both in and out of the tub:

We've been having a good time meeting family:

trick or treating,

going for long car rides,

and melting everyone's heart!

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