A whole lotta "what the?"

So a few posts ago, I wrote a rather depressing entry about financial difficulties. I won't go into major detail here, but basically we're hurting pretty bad because of the economy and being new business owners. And what happens? On June 27, Bryan gets rear-ended. In my brother's truck. By a drunk driver. Who is an illegal. Who has no insurance, no drivers license, and no ID whatsoever on him. And since it was my bro's truck (and not Bryan's), Bryan is not officially on the insurance policy, so it's still up in the air whether or not his injuries will be covered.

Couldn't get any better, right?

Well, because of this rear end, Bryan hurt his back, so that means not being able to work, which means because of our self employed status we are not eligible for state disability, which means (you guessed it) even less money coming in. So, can we say, stressed???

This is the damage done to my brother's vehicle. The perpetrator (ha! love it) turned a corner at about 45ish MPH and hit Bryan at an angle (who was stopped at a red light), then stopped in the middle of the street, got out of his own car, took a pee at the side of the road, then staggered off on foot. Because of that action, he is now considered a DUI/DWI hit and run. Heavy stuff!

This is a picture of what happened to his car. No wonder he left it!

This whole year really has been a trial of faith for me. I must be hard pressed to learn something because it's obviously taking a while for Heavenly Father to get His point across! So, that's where we stand right now. At least we still love each other! :)

4 devoted readers:

Brooke said...

Holy yikes Sarah! I can't believe all of that has happened to you guys recently. I'm so, so sorry! If there is anything I can do, PLEASE say so! I know how hard it is!!

Tiffany said...

Sorry for your run of bad luck but let us know if there is anything else that we could do for you guys!

The Thorsons said...

BUmmer, That really sucks, I hope things start to get better for you guys.

Raadgep Fam said...

WOW OH MY GOSH. That car looks narley! GOSH! I just have that saying that guys sayy after a fight....." ohh you think this is bad, you should see the other guy !" lol CRAP! I hope bryan is doing okay today !its going to be a long 6 mths!