I lack...

The abiliy to post pictures at the moment. I have so much to post, too! It's something about updating drivers, and that's about where I fall asleep and let Bryan handle all the techi stuff. But he's been hard at work, building web sites and such. He had a HUGE final he's been working on, and has been working (at work) like crazy, so I haven't seen him much this last week, not to mention he hasn't been able to do anything on my very long and detailed "honey-do" list lately. I will be SO glad when this class is over!

Anyway, if you want to see what he's been working on to get his "A" in the class (which is hardly ever given on the final project, according to the professor), go to his latest website, game art nerds. This latest creation is why my husband has been MIA for the past few weeks! It still has a few tiny glitches (it runs slow from internet explorer), but he has until Monday night to put on the finishing touches. What do you think? I know the content is not up a lot of people's alley (at least people that read my blog), but what do you think of the artwork/placement/graphics/etc? I think it's genius, but then again, I am pretty biased. So that's where you come in. What do you think?

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Raadgep Fam said...

Okay so I went threw the site, My only issue is that when i go to gallery I cant see any pictures. there is a little blue x. But all in al great. I love the picture of the girl that shows up on the right.