the 4th

I've seen this tag go around for a while and I'm probably one of the later ones to participate, but here goes nothin':

This is our first place, Maple St, Escondido. Super cute, huh? I WISH we had the whole place to ourselves! Bryan and I rented the top half from our landladyfromhell, sort of like a granny flat. Once you enter the front door, there is a small parlor with an entrance to the first floor, then a grand(ish) staircase to your right with another locked entrance to the 2nd level. It's one of the historical homes in Escondido, and it was so beautiful and quaint and perfect! Besides the landlady. She was AWFUL.
Bryan moved all of our stuff in about a week before we were married, and things were so awesome. Until Ms. EVIL (names have been changed) called, on our wedding day, to tell us she was removing the front door to our flat. HELLO! I was so outraged! And if you know me, if I am truly fired up about something there is no one standing after my rant is over! :)
It turns out that unbeknownst to us, she was subletting (which means that she was renting herself, then making extra money by renting to us), which is #1 a HUGE no-no if you want to keep your Historical Home status w/ the Historical Society in Escondido, and #2, she was already in trouble with the city for doing it previously. That's why she wanted to take our front door away; so it wouldn't look like it was rented out. Oh, and I forgot to mention that our bedroom had no door on it (it wasn't built to be an official bedroom, so the original builders in 18something never equipped the opening to hang a door). So we thought that we were pretty much screwed.
Until the following Monday, when Terra Cotta called us and said we were approved to move in! So we spent our Honeymoon $$ on the deposit/rent, and our Honeymoon moving. What a way to start a marriage!
Anyway, that's what the picture is all about. Ahhh, the memories! :)

2 devoted readers:

Jessica said...

What a cute house! It's a bummer that you had such a problem with your land lady.

Ashley said...

That is the cutest house! It's too bad you had so many problems!