Happy Halloween!

We had a great night, starting off with a SHORT visit to the San Marcos Pumpkin Patch with cousins Maya & Logan. There were papers posted that said they were closing that day at 5, and we got there at 4:45. Oops! Oh well, we had some fun taking pictures in costume.

Batman, Joker, and daddy in a pirate hat

Beautiful cousin Maya, so grown up looking as Cleopatra. I love her 'model' hands!

Batman plotting to save Gotham once again.
Cousins, Lincoln & Logan

'I'm Batman!' 'No, I'm Batman!' SO stinkin' cute! We totally didn't plan it either. Logan looks indignant! :)

Maya with Orion the Joker

I love this picture!

After the pumpkins, we went to Nate & Lisa's neighborhood to do some Trick-or-Treating with more cousins. It was perfect; the neighborhood wasn't busy, there weren't too many houses to visit, and it tired him out just right. It was Lincoln's 1st time going TOT, & it was a little difficult of a concept to understand that you don't eat the candy right away!
Lincoln kept on saying "follow Lisa". I don't think he knew what that meant, but it was really cute!

L-R: Batman Lincoln, Dino-Zane, SIL Lisa, Princess/Ballerina Hannah

I. officially. LOVE. this. porch!!! And the country blue door? Marvelous! When we build our home (3000 years from now), this is my porch! And I'll take the hubby and firstborn, too!
After about half an hour of TOT, we crashed my parents' ward Trunk or Treat. It was fun for me to see people I knew from me growing up in that ward, and they were all so surprised that we now have two kids! I guess so, considering we haven't been married for that long? Anyway, it was fun. No pictures of that though. So here are some close-ups of my heroic/villanous cuties:
And here we are headed to a Halloween party w/o daddy (school). I put together my costume in about 10 minutes; I wasn't expecting to dress up this year (school)!


4 devoted readers:

shay said...

Lincoln is just about the cutest batman I've seen! Love the makeup! Fun pictures!

Raadgep Fam said...

Fun Fun! I am glad that you hadd a good halloween !

Jessica said...

Can I just say, your kids are so stinkin' CUTE! It looks like you had a great Halloween!

Ryan and Claudia said...

Your boys look so cute and scary! You hit the perfect balance! :)