Fighting Eagles, Class of '98

My Ten year High School Reunion was on the 18th. What to say about it? It was held at The House of Blues, so I was wanted to go as I have never been there. We were in the Delta Room, which I think secretly doubles as the room where the San Diego Mafia performs their business affairs, like serious poker games and other organized crime stuff (minus the interrogation part). We were kid-you-not at sewer level (there was an ominous elevator that dumped us out there), in a huge open floor planned room with way too many clashing patterns/colors/themes. The music way WAY too loud (or maybe I'm just getting too old) for the room's lack of acoustics, and the venue was just too wrong for reacquainting one's self with former classmates!

Well, not a whole lot of people showed up. People I hung out with in HS, anyway. Oh but the whole football team was there! :) Bryan was bored to tears, the poor guy. My BFF didn't show, after she said she would and even went as far as coming to visit that weekend from the bay Area. The nerve of some people :)

It was interesting to see where people were in their lives. There were some who had done absolutely NOTHING with themselves but party, and it truly showed how shallow their lives were. Okay, make that about 90% of everyone who showed up. There were a few people that came whom I was excited to see again! The food was not that good. Mmmmmm, cold ribs, and a too-spicy, crazy jambalaya-type chicken dish. First of all, how do you mess up chicken? And in the second place, I take major issue with RIBS at a venue with no tables (or knives, for that matter). So I was holding out for dessert; maybe it would be better? {{drum roll, please...}}
A square of cheesecake.
Oh, PLEASE. I could whip up something much more gourmet-ish in 20 minutes, and all they could come up with was store-bought cheesecake? I was sorely disappointed!
Oh yeah: we parked at Horton Plaza because at $8 for 4 hours, it was the cheapest. I didn't foresee having to walk 4.5 blocks on uneven pavement in "look at my pretty feet" uncomfortable dress shoes (that's 4.5 blocks one way. In the snow. LOL). So I had blisters for a week to prove my attendance.
Maybe I should have graduated a year early. Or flunked a grade so I would graduate a year late. I never felt connected with my graduating class very much, and my blisters were a painful reminder of this. Neither of the two options are options any more, so I shall grace you with a few pictures.

Ten years ago...

I still hadn't discovered eyebrow pencil! :) That guy is my HS Sweetheart, Marc Walker. Awwwww! He now lives in (I think) the Bay Area. He is a HS Band Teacher (those of you who knew him would not be surprised in the least), and married a few years ago. Yeah, we were totaly Music Department geeks. But I guess that holds better clout than say, awkward computer geeks? Your guess is as good as mine!

As for whatever this drunken stupor should be called, here you go. I would not have willingly gone to a party like this ten ears ago, so why...? I guess let's let bygones be bygones!

I can't elaborate enough on how frustrated the photographer was because NO ONE would take direction from her! She was trying to get everyone to move to one side (this is where the too-loud music plays in) so she could get everyone in the shot. Either people were too inebriated to care, or they couldn't hear or SEE her trying to corral them into one place! It was a rough night for her.

This one turned out the best out of 10 pictures that Bryan took. Notice that half aren't even looking, and the other half aren't looking in the right direction. Geeze, Lincoln can take better direction!

I have much more to complain about, but needless to say, complaining gives me wrinkles! :) So Bryan and I just ended up getting In-N-Out after leaving early. The GOOD things that happened that night:

1.Bryan and I FINALLY got to go on a real live date! They are few and far in-between these days.
2.I got to dress up a bit and feel girly (sans dirty diapers, spit-up, and food messes).
3.There were a choice few people that I did get to reconnect with, and we had a good time catching up.
4.The overstuffed sofas in the Mafia room were absolutely divine.
5.We caught a snippet of a local Blues Band performance on the upper level, and they were pretty darn good! Who knew that a middle aged Asian man would have such a GREAT Blues voice? :)
6.Bryan and I went to Sweet Factory to validate or parking ticket, and it felt like we were dating all over again. No kids, no responsibility, no bills... :)
7.I knew that my kids were in great hands. Thanks, Sam!
8.Our In-N-Out was especially delicious.

Way to go, San Pasqual Eagles Alumni, class of 98! You are 10 years older. Woo hoo!

2 devoted readers:

queenieweenie said...

Yeah...I left my 10 year early too-but ONLY after getting the prize for the most kids (I was pregnant with my 4th).

Glad you got a good date night out of it!

Tiffany said...

Wow! That almost makes me not want to go to Hyrum's or my high school reunion. Haha. I am happy that you ended having a good night tho.