I need a refrigerator lock!

Lincoln has always had this amazing capability to figure out child safety locks. Just this morning I found him in the nick of time, right before he was going to swallow one of my prescription antibiotics that he figured out how to open! Anyway, I have a constant battle with him and the refrigerator; I haven't found a lock that he hasn't bested. This is what I found him with recently...

At first, I couldn't figure out what he had, he'd opened the fridge so stealthily (he's really good at those covert operations)...
Then, I just couldn't believe it. CHEESE!!! First of all, he loves cheese. He asks for it every time he eats. But it is not easy to get to in our fridge for an almost 2 year old (or so I thought).
Needless to say, he wasn't regular for a few days... look at the size of the block of cheese!
My Lincoln is so crazy! When Bry is out of school, we are taking a long vacation without kids!!!

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