Cheap Thrills

Last week, Bryan and I took the kids to ride the sprinter. It was an adventure! The weather had just started turning cold at night, so we had to bundle up our babies quite well! We left around 6:30pm, thinking that a quick walk would take us to the nearest train station (CSUSM). Ummm, not so! We ended up going through the campus, but got turned around and ended up in a dorm area, so we had to turn back, re-set our course, and 45 minutes later, we made it!
The sprinter was pretty cool; Lincoln was just so giddy with excitement that he was actually going to ride the TRAIN! And Orion, well, he couldn't have cared less. :)
When we ended up on the sprinter, it was quite dusk and getting darker by the minute! Lincoln had fun looking out the huge windows and pointing out the cars, people, lights, etc. I was really impressed by the smoothness of the ride, and how quiet everything was! Definitely NOT like South American trains - ugh! Now that's a post all in itself... haha. Bryan liked that we were able to actually do something different together as a family and he was able to come (besides being in school away from us). Orion just liked all the attention from other train-goers. Oh, and he got lots, let me tell you!
Things I would do differently next time:
1. Go earlier in the day
2. Take a car to the station!

All in all, it was quite fun and I recommend it for a fun cheap thrill! For all you guys and gals out there with young kids; your babes under 6 are free! (4$ per adult for an all day pass)

4 devoted readers:

Brittany said...

We have been wanting to do this with Kasen for weeks now! Thank you for talking me into it! Im glad your boys had fun too!

Hoy Family said...

Fun! I have been wanting to ride the sprinter for a while now - Glad to know it's better to drive to a station than walk :)

queenieweenie said...

Boys and a train...what could be better?

Lianna said...

We are planning our first train ride this Saturday. Good tips. What was up with your detour? Brandon & I ride our bikes over there on the path between campus and the gym and dorms. Was there construction? I'm sorry that it took you so long. I am excited to go, kids do that to you.