Bryan finally got his way...

We mounted our TV to the wall!

It. Looks. AWESOME! I was resistent to the whole idea, thinking that it would look too antiseptic, like the 'model home, no one lives here' look. Not to mention the cords (I can't stand them!) But, I ate my words so fast after it was put up and we put the shelf up underneath it. It looks great! I honestly don't even notice the cords very much. And now -get this- I am totally motivated to keep things cleaner because it looks so dang good! Well, with Hurricane Lincoln, I can't really keep things super spic and span 24/7, but now I have a better motivation to try harder. The best part... it's too high for Lincoln to mess with anything, AND there is nothing for him to climb on! My living room isn't totally how I want it to look yet, but as far as the TV/XBox/Cable Box, I am so happy with the results.

(Above the TV is a cow Bryan made for me out of a toilet paper roll. You know, eight cow wife... Sentimental value... you should ask him about it!)

Now on to painting...

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