i {HEART} craigslist

I have always been a woman who can't pass up a great deal. Yet I don't like junk, so I am very selective when I buy a big ticket item. So was I EVER excited to find my latest treasure:

Check out my new (to me) AWESOME stroller! So infinitesimally superior than my previous piece of cow intestine excuse for a stroller! Graco should go out of business for attempting to design a double stroller. I am so happy that we have this one now! (Mine is a different color; it's khaki olive. I don't have a picture of 'the' one yet, but I just wanted to tell everyone about my steal!)

AND THE BEST PART??? 30 bucks. So sweet! I just had to spot clean and fill up the air tires, and I was off! Best 30 dollars ever spent. Pat on the back for Sarah :)

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Dan~Kerstin~Bree said...

Nice! I love deals. Have you ever been on Pinching Your Pennies website? There are lots of other deal sites too!