I got tagged!

Yay, thanks Carli! I am happy, because I never get tagged! But here's a disclaimer:

This tag may be a bit of a downer for someone who is looking for something positive. I'm just keeping things real, so here goes!

5 major pet peeves

1. When people eat messily.
That is to say, when people eat with their mouths open, chowing on their food, spittle and food particulates flying everywhere, drinking (chugging) loudly, trying to hold a full on conversation while eating... GROSS!!!!!!! Keep it civilized, people!

2. Bad drivers
I'm mostly talking about two types of drivers. First, the type who are totally oblivious to the other 2.5 ton death machines in close proximity around them (i.e., other cars). Hello, people!!! Are you that CLUELESS to not see that the speed limit is 65! sixty. FIVE! And guess what? This might shock you... people actually go OVER THAT SPEED! So, GET OUT OF THE FAST LANE!!!!! AND GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONE!
And secondly, the drivers who are inconsiderate of other drivers. You know the type of which I am referring to; the kind who won't let you in their lane, even though your blinker has been ON for the last TWO MILES. Um, my blinker being on does NOT necessitate your need to accelerate and make driving on the freeway a PAIN! (Brooke, I totally channel you in this situation; GOOO! LOL)

3. Incorrect grammar
OK, I know this makes me a snob, and I know that the next one will make me even more of a snob, but here goes. It really bugs me when people don't speak correctly, especially things like "You did good" (it's 'you did WELL', did you grow up in a pack of wolves?), or "I can feel the spirit so strong" ('strong-LY'! Who failed to teach you that, or did you just not show up that day?). It just really irritates me.

4. Incorrect spelling
I realize that in my father's day and age, spell checker wasn't even conceived of. Heck, computers weren't even a possibility yet! However, we do not live in the 50's. We all have access to computers, word processing programs, internet, blogs, email, etc. They are wonderful pieces of machinery, and even better, ALL of these mediums have a little 'ABC' button with a check mark in the foreground. Does everyone know what this stands for? This means you can check your paper for spelling errors! What an amazing concept! I realize that some people just don't care. But to the people that just don't care, realize that there are other people who will READ what you wrote, and they may not understand what you are trying to convey! Really, I'm just looking out for you. Use your spell checker, end of story.

5. Kids whining
I can stand a whole lot of things from kids. Being peed on, poop on my fingers/hands (even if you aren't my own kid. It's gross when it's your own offspring, and even more putrid when it isn't.), being scratched or stepped on, bounced on, used as a jungle gym, etc. But I honestly can't STAND it when kids whine. Even my own kids. It's worse than nails on a chalkboard to me! In the defense of all children everywhere, I know that this can not always be avoided. But seriously, those high pitched whiny little voices throwing tantrums, with their faces contorted and falling in a heap on the floor just makes me want to throttle the little angels!

Wow, can I say that I actually feel great? I have cleansed my pet peeves from me! :) Okay, now that everyone is familiar with Sarah's irks, I tag Tiffany, Sam, and Brittany.

6 devoted readers:

Brooke said...

On the whining...wait til you have a girl! Yikes! It's pretty bad!! I'm sure the fact that I was a professional whiner when younger doesn't help the situation.

Carli Webb said...

I totally forgot about bad drivers! I could do an entire post about that! I loved getting all of this out of my system too!

Raadgep Fam said...

Thats so funny!

queenieweenie said...

This snob agrees with you 100%

Hazen5 said...

You are so funny! I hate people who smack and eat with their mouths open!

Michele said...

I need to make sure I don't make any grammar errors. Who learned you how to spoke?