Halo night

Bryan is an avid Halo Player, more specifically, Halo 3. He likes to have Halo parties, where he has a bunch of guys over and they spend hours upon end blasting each others' brains out. I usually don't mind so much; I spend time on the computer or read a good book after the kids are in bed. Well, not last night!
It was just so dang HOT that we stayed cooped up inside all day. Those of you who live in the same complex as me realize that there is not a lot of room for a family of four to spend the entire day inside without getting on each other's nerves! Anyway, I was dying to get outside once the sun let up a little bit, so when Bryan was shootin' em up with his buddies, the kids & Sam and I went out!
We first went to California Pizza Kitchen for some yummy dinner. Lincoln, as always, was the heartthrob social butterfly.

He said 'hi' to everyone (repeatedly) and was just being his super cute active self! He wore himself out so much that he laid his head down on his plate!

Orion was wanting to get in on the action, so he decided to be a little fussy, but everyone still thought he was just so adorable. You can't tell in this picture, but he was putting up a fight with everything! What happened to my angel baby that night? :)

Here we are!

After dinner, we went to Kidopolis in Vista. It was after dark (hence why the pictures aren't so great), so the security guard let us in for free! Lincoln was a little hesitant to go for it, so for his first run I had to go in the tubes with him! They seriously aren't kidding when they say 50 inch (4'1") height limit. It was a little tough to squeeze my 5'6" self into some areas! Sheesh, the things we do for our kids! :)

Once we had fun together in the tubes for a while, he pointed to the HUGE twirly slide. When I say huge, I mean close to two stories tall! So, once again, only because I love my children, we went up together to go down the slide. We went at Lincoln's climbing pace (which is fast for an almost 2 year old, but agonizingly slow for me), so it seriously took half an hour to get up there! Once we got there, I obviously was too big to gain any speed (with Lincoln on my lap to boot), so we puttered down together all 17 billion curves of this slide! When he expressed that he wanted to go again, I told him daddy would take him another day!
Kidopolis in all it's glory! This is only one side; the place is enormous.
And here we are in the tubes!
Love the crazy hair!
Orion once again reverted back to my angel baby... what a cutie!
And he's off! This little girl kept on referring to herself as 'spider girl' because of the webbed chutes/ladders. She was adorable! (I know it looks weird, but Lincoln is actually sliding down; his doggy pack is clipped onto his front)
We had a lot of fun (thanks Sam for the awesome suggestion!), Orion snoozed peacefully after his defiance, and we missed most of Halo night. What could be better? :)

2 devoted readers:

Raadgep Fam said...

It was fun and sweaty! We should go again, i think if we took Lucas they would have a blast! I am so gald that we got to hang!

Tiffany said...

That looks life fun! Call me next time for the next girls night out with your kids!