Update - Sort of!

I haven't been keeping up with my blog! I have been so busy with every day happenings that I haven't had time to sit down or think straight to post something blog-worthy.

Two weeks ago, I was released from my calling as choir director, and called to be a nursery leader. Can I tell you that I'm both releived and sad? I LOVE MUSIC! But it was just too much; every time my then three-month-old would cry out of hunger/need for comfort, I was helpless to do anything but flap my arms in front of the choir. All the women were so amazingly helpful, especially with Lincoln, but I have learned that there is no one like mom, especially when your newborn is hungry! So that was always really stressful for me. I am sad, because I don't really have a musical outlet now, but relieved because I now have a calling where I'm not 'the only one' who can be there. It's a good fit for me, and I am really excited.

I am also SICK!!! Actually, all four of us are. It stinks! Bryan has some sort of sinus infection, both boys have runny noses and coughs (nothing a humidifier can't knock out, they're mostly fussy and inconsolable), and I have major congestion, sinus headache, sneezes and sore throat. NO FUN!!! And the worst part is that I'm the one who has to do the 'nursing back to health'. UGH. I think I need a vacation!

Ending on some good news:

  • Bryan is going back to school (YAY!) so we can finally make millions. lol! We found a local art school that I have been 'suggesting' for a little while, and he is receptive and excited.
  • I got a haircut (pictures to come when I feel human again). It still feels a bit like a wig because it's so different than my last haircut, but I like it.

Once I feel better I'll actually write something more meaningful. But this post will have to do for now!

6 devoted readers:

Raadgep Fam said...

I think you are getting better though. Tonight you look normal, and you look like you lost more weight, by the way you suck, and that you hair looks so cute! I love it!

The Price Family said...

hope you feel better!!!!

Brooke said...

Being sick is NO fun! Hope you get better soon! And I'm patiently waiting those pics of your new cut!

Lianna said...

I am sorry you are sick! Dean is also, it must have been going around at church or something. Dang germs!
I hope you feel better.

Hazen5 said...

I am still sad you are not the director anymore. You will be missed! Tell Brian Congrats on school. He is so talented! Feel better fast!

The Thorsons said...

It's a mean joke when the mommy and the kids are sick at the same time...hope you guys feel better soon!