Here is a picture of my new haircut that I promised. Poor Orion turned out blurry, but the picture is still cute!

I don't know if it looks like it to anyone else, but my boys seem like carbon copies of each other in physical appearance. Their personalities couldn't be any more different! Lincoln constantly wants attention, but Orion is content by himself most of the time. Shouldn't it be the other way around? :)

Business is getting busier, and that makes me very happy. School is still on the back burner (driving me crazy) until we can get Phoenix Industries mostly maintenance free (a small business being maintenance free??? What am I demanding? I really must be crazy) and self sufficient. Bryan gives it a year, but I want to give it six months. We will see who will win!

Sam and my daycare is still in the works; we are in the final phase of getting licensed and the house totally baby-proofed for our patrons' children! The more we do for Sugar & Spice (the name of our daycare), the more excited I get! We will have a blog site soon, and there are so many awesome ideas that we want to implement, like cameras in the daycare areas with live feed through computer access (by password and to the parents only of course, for privacy protection purposes), activity days, weekly menus on our blog, etc. It's all really exciting to create something that is of worth to people, and see them respond to it. I guess it's the rush of starting a new business. Call myself an entrepreneur!

So....... I'm kinda dumb! I finished the third book in the Twilight series (LOVED it!), and I was all geared up and ready to go out and get the fourth book, when I was told by a friend that it was not finished yet! How dumb did I look! :) Wow, I'm not sure how I will get my kicks now. August is a long time to twiddle my thumbs... Guess I'll have to find another good read!

I just have to say that being a mom is really fun. It's totally exasperating and frustrating, but such a blast. I can't help but have a great time with these two beautiful babies! I do want someone to tell me, though, why my laundry load has all but quadrupled since Orion was born? He's a mere 15 pounds! How could another addition make such huge messes! And I suppose I should just get used to a constantly untidy living space. I see all these amazing women with well kept homes and dust free areas, and I just know that I am not one of them. I am too busy chasing after a PRECOCIOUS almost-two-year-old-going-on-20, while trying to pay attention/feed/clothe/bathe/stimulate the brain of my 4-month-old-going-on-40. Who has time for making dinner? :) Poor Bryan gets the short end of the stick! "Honey, how about pizza tonight? We've had it at least once a week for a month, what's one more time?" (I sometimes use a little eyelash-batting here for effect) {SIGH} one of these days I will get back to being an organized guru, I really will. I will get back to my love of cooking, and beautifying our home. One day, I will not stumble over cars/balls/toy hammers/ball poppers/shoes, or anything else that Lincoln has strategically strewn down the hallway and in the kitchen. I WILL have dinner parties, and really cool masquerade-type parties that I host (which I love doing), complete with really cool french European/old-worldy invitations with wax seals and calligraphy, and amazing paper (can you tell I've thought about this before?). But not right now. For now, I am content with taking out the trash, just so Lincoln doesn't get into it! :) Life is good.

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Matt & Brooke said...

Cute hair, I'm never quite brave enough for bangs but I really like them. So sad you left me in choir!! Not only that you can't even be a member if you're in nursery :(

Carli Webb said...

you are such a great mom! You are starting.a business, support your husband in his business, take care of your children and still have time too look wonderful! Who cares if you dont have a clean house. My mom always said its more important to make memories with your children then to have a spotless house.

Sarah said...

Brooke, bangs are scary but fun! Just go with longer fringe first and see if you like it. I'm sad about not even being able to GO to choir too! Don't worry, you might get calle dinto nursery too; it seems like we work together in callings a lot anyway!
Carli- Thanks, you are sweet! I just don't post my makeup-less pictures! :)

Jessica said...

Your hair looks so cute! I love that cut on you! Your boys are adorable too!

Ryan & Claudia said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!

Let's see..
Cute hair, cute boys, congrats on the new calling, and I'm excited for your new business! :)

Brooke said...

All in good time Sarah! You'll have time for other stuff later. But I hear ya...young kids = get nothing done. I'm just welcoming it and then sometimes, I actually get a chance to do stuff. =) And your hair is SUPER cute and very flattering!