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I thought I'd update my last blog with pictures and mini descriptions. Here goes:


For a really good representation of what it was like to be affected by the Wildfires in October '07, go to http://youtube.com/results?search_query=z8nate&search_type=

There are about 5 or six segments of video to watch, some longer than others. I also remember that Bryan had to go to the emergency room a few days afterwards for smoke inhalation treatment, simply because he was outside in the smokey air, and we were relatively far from harm!


It only took a year, and Lincoln went from this...

...to this!

And here's a more recent picture of my little guy. Sometimes I can't believe how fast the time flew by, he is just so big now!


This was the t-shirt design that Bryan did. My mom and I printed them out onto iron-on transfers, and made all of them the night before (over 20 t-shirts, all different sizes!)

We made it for the St George temple square Christmas lighting. There was a huge turn-out and it kicked off our family tradition of going to see Christmas lights each year.

We also had family pictures taken at the red rocks. It was a large group, but it was a lot of fun, especially for the kids who all played in the red dust/dirt! The hardest part was keeping them clean until after pictures! As you can see, Lincoln didn't like the photographer much, which is so weird for him. He usually is the first one to get his flirt on! It must have been a traumatic experience for him. :)

Here are all the 'McBride' grandkids:
Back Row L to R: Maga, Paga, Zack Adair
Middle Row L to R: Taylor McKay, Laurel McKay(in her arms), Madison Spencer, Lincoln Harrison, Zane McBride
Front Row L to R: Jacob Spencer, Savannah Adair, Jason Spencer, Erin McKay, Hannah McBride, Patrick (Patch) Adair.
13 kiddies in all!
This blog is already way too long, so I'll stop it here. Next post will be about Orion! See you in about an hour :)

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Brooke said...

It's been a very busy year for you guys! I didn't know that Bryan worked at the YMCA. What does he do there?

Nikki said...

Love the pictures!!

Marsha Ward said...

Great pictures! Great blog!

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