A day in the life of...

Well, much has happened since my last post! Too much to remember, bad Sarah, don't go so long next time! My computer is being really strange and refusing to post pictures at the moment, so once I figure it out then I will add them.
Anyway, since last September, we had the following happen in our lives:

  • California wildfires (over 500,000 officially evacuated; we were three of them!),
  • Lincoln had his first birthday party (that weekend, what craziness!)
  • We went to St. George for a week for Thanksgiving
  • Bryan turned 27
  • Bryan started working at the YMCA Encinitas in the afternoons
  • Christmas with Operation Homefront instead of exchanging gifts between siblings
  • An understated New Year's Eve celebration
  • Church switched to 8:30am... UGH!
  • Orion came January 26!
  • Sarah turned 28
  • A simple Valentine's day

And that's where we are now! I didn't realize how much had happened until I actually wrote it down. But having a growing family keeps me motivated to archive moments like these for my boys to learn about later! Someday I will have all the time in the world, but for now I must go to bed to start all over again tomorrow. :)

2 devoted readers:

Raadgep Fam said...

YOu are so cute just like your blog! You have posted some really great blogs! I think that sometimes we forget how fast life goes untill we stop and look at the mths past! ARRRGGG life needs to slow down alittle sometimes so that we can enjoy it better!

Granny said...

I love your blog! I will tell Ben & Cami about it; maybe you can put a link to theirs.

This is a great way to keep us updated. However, I'm not ready to have my own.

Love, Aunt Pam