Wedded Bliss

Congratulations to
Josh & Meredith McBride
the loveliest newlyweds ever!

(Photos courtesy of Jennie McBride)

Aren't they just so cute?

A great time was had by all! Great food,

young cousins running around,

and I got to visit with ALL my siblings,
especially my lovely sisters!

Poor Curly (and all the kids, for that matter) suffered from an intense sugar coma. Notice his joker mouth? Good ol' chocolate fountain!

Photography was in the bag with my SIL Jennie's mad shooting skills

And now I have another gorgeous SIL!

We all had such a blast at the intimate ceremony and reception. The guest list was primarily made up of family, with a sprinkling of a few close friends. It was so nice!
Welcome to this crazy family, Meredith!

2 devoted readers:

hi, i'm brooke! said...

Great photo props to Jennie! And how fun to see you with all your sisters! So much red!!! =) I love it!!!

Jessica said...

Beautiful photos!