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Yesterday was a long day. Not particularly bad, just long. I over-did it with physical exertion and now my incision site hurts. Bummer.
Anyway, after going to see our boys and tucking them in for the night at Grandma & Grandpa Harrison's house (can I tell you how GRATEFUL I am that both sets of grandparents live about 15 minutes away?????), we were just exhausted and emotionally worn out. So what did we do??? We went to make returns at Target, of course!

I know, totally random.
The weekend before Blessing was born, I went to get a Valentine's Day dress & shoes, which looked incredibly hideous on me (I don't try on clothes at stores any more. My boys could NEVER handle staying put in such a small space for that long!), so I had been planning on returning it for a while.
Anyway, we did that last night.

On our way home, we were taking an accounting of the day, and Bryan said, "That's it. We are now officially on a date! Do you want a little surprise, or a big one?" Needless to say, I was simply surprised at the outburst alone! Bryan truly is a romantic at heart, he's just not a very good planner of events. So all of his grand (awesome) ideas for love and mushiness usually end up on the cutting room floor. So it was a fun surprise!Yep, we look tired for sure!

Since it was so late (a little after 10. Man, I'm getting old when I say after 10 is late!), pretty much nothing was open. He drove to three different ice cream shops to find closed doors. It was super cute! :) So we ended up at Applebee's for appetizers and dessert.I know, we're total dorks. But that's okay.

It was nice to know that my sweetie is still in love with me,

{ love is... looking really really ridiculously ridiculous on camera together}

and it was especially nice that we had that little moment to release the tension of the past week and just be ourselves for a little while.

We had a nice time just talking about nothing! It truly felt like we were dating again :)Bryan's spontaneous visual representation of HTML coding, which, oddly enough, made complete sense to me. Can you see the divs and the relative spacing? It's like a family tree... um, maybe I should build websites!

It's all about the little things, don't you think? :) Bryan, I love you! You've been such a GREAT chauffer, support, companion, and daddy. I wouldn't want to go through this with anyone else but you!

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Marcie said...

Glad you had such a fun date night together- you deserve it!