Happy Birthday!

Curly is 2 today!

Happy Birthday Cutie Pie!!!
You have brought so much joy into our lives! You've always been the sweet one, the cuddly one, the happy-no-matter-what one. And you are a perfect partner in crime with your brother! I understand how hard it is sometimes to be the younger sibling, but you take it all in stride. Not a lot of things get to you, and it's so fun to see you grow and progress.You are completely into sports. ANY sport having to do with a ball in your hands or at your feet! And you are very very coordinated for a 2 year old. You're already catching balls that are tossed at you.Like your brother, you are quite the talker! Though you much prefer making us guess what it is you want, you are a very capable orator. You've been stringing sentences together since you were 18 months old.I love that you are so stinking cuddly! I love that when you need some love, you just shadow me or daddy (or anyone else you know who has a pair of free arms) until we pick you up. I love how you lay your head down on my shoulder. I love your little kisses, and I love your crazy fluffy CURLY hair! :)Happy birthday, big boy! I'm sorry that we didn't have a party for you. But you sure had fun eating your red velvet molten cupcake! And I sure had a lot of fun making them.

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What a cutie!