52 weeks project- Week 3

I'm grateful for medical technology.

Now, before you start humming Kip's wedding song, let me 'splain:

As much as I admire those who came before me, I just know that I was meant to be living during this time. I'm amazed at how much technology we have at our fingertips!

Could you imagine a life without modern dental technology? Back in the day (not too long ago, either), if you lost a tooth, well bummer, sorry about that. But today there are options! Wow, you can have your crowns done in one day. ONE DAY... that's so amazing! Oh, and if you lose your teeth for one reason or another (car accident, disease, hereditary issues), you can have a PERMANENT REPLACEMENT. You can have a tooth IMPLANT. That's such a miracle! :)

Or other health-related situations: Digital X-Rays, EKG machines, MRI's, sonograms, defibrillation machines... incredible! I can't even imagine how many lives have been saved over the years because of those wonder paddles alone.

I know, I'm kinda weird. Medical technology fascinates me. I grew up being both terrified and intrigued at watching open heart surgery (some insane video that my dad had from dental school way back in the day). I find medical education empowering. Yet, there is no way I would go into the field myself. I know, weird! :)

Getting back to the subject:

I'm grateful that I was born in a time where there are antibiotics readily available, where I don't have to die from cholera or dysentery, and that I live in a country where we have so much technology at our fingertips. I'm not turning this into a political rant about the exorbitant cost of health care or whether socialized health care is a good idea or not; those who know me well already know how I feel about all that. I'm just grateful that we have the innovation and foresight to have invented all the wonderful and incredible tools that we have today, to save lives, to prolong health, and to prevent sickness.

This may be boring to some, but to me it's pretty incredible. Nowhere else in the world, in any other time could you have found what we have today. And that is just pretty darn cool. And for that, I'm grateful!

4 devoted readers:

-J.Darling said...

You might make a great coder!

Sarah said...

I've actually considered that before. But right now I can't see that in my immediate future; I'm stuffed to the gills with commitments! Though I haven't discounted it for the future. :)

Granny said...

You've expressed my feelings exactly, Sarah!

Susie said...

MINE TOO!! I could not imagine having my kids at home in bed--typically with who ever was close and could some what assist. You were lucky if you had someone's help let alone a doctor!!