This bugs me

You know what really irritates me???

Analog clocks

that 'tick'

too loudly.

Like the one in my kitchen.


right now.

It's really annoying.

Almost as annoying as a blog that hasn't had a new post for weeks.

Like mine.

More {interesting/funny/consistent} posts to come.

After someone stops that incessant ticking! :)

4 devoted readers:

Ashley said...

I hate ticking clocks too! I absolutely can't sleep if there's one in a room with me, and will go to all possible lengths to remove it. :)

Rachel said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That ticking means it's too quiet in your house.

Krista said...

A few years ago, my mom fixed all of her old clocks...They are all in the living room and it was impossible to sit in there with all the ticking...and at the hour and on the half when they all would make their extra noises it was terrible! Most of them stopped working again, but no one has bothered to try to get them working.

Marcie said...

I agree about the incessant ticking- can't stand it! And I so look forward to updating my blog when we get a new computer...hopefully soon.