Monster Jam '09!

I totally forgot to blog about this amongst the January rush!

We went to Monster Jam with the Hardings this year and had a blast! There's nothing like a little adult time to make you a better parent to your kids. :)

Bryan and I have been going to Monster Jam since 2005, only missing last year, since it was so close to Curly's due date. I guess possible labor and delivery should take precedence. haha

Can I tell you that I love Monster Jam? I love it! The first year we went, we were invited last minute by a friend of ours, then asked the Raadgeps (they were still dating back then) to join us. It was good that we asked them to come with us, since we never met up with our other friend. He was sitting on the other side of the stadium! Anyway, since then I've loved seeing the trucks smash up and race each other and do wheelies and other cool tricks! It's cool to see them obliterate their trucks at the end of the night!

This year, my favorite was El Toro Loco. He did a 'bang-up' job of riding the course! And of course Gravedigger, the family favorite, was there. He ended up trashing his truck, and he had to get towed out of the course!

To this day, I still don't know how the points are given or how someone wins in these competitions. But it's still hecka cool to see it live! And yes, I said 'hecka'. No, I'm not from Utah, I'm just in a weird mood. You should go to their show next year! It's awesome!

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