Happy Birthday Curly!

A year ago, you looked like this.

All wrinkly and exhausted and severely put out that we decided to wake you up to be born. How rude of us!

Then you decided to grow up on us, little by little, so your Birthday would catch us by surprise:

(4 months, 1st solid food)

(6 1/2 months, like father like son!)

(9 months, you and Lincoln up to no good)

(11 months, cooing with mommy)

Today, you looked like this.

Messy from Birthday cake, eager for more and matting it all over your gorgeous curls.

I can NOT believe that you are 1 today!

Happy birthday, little man! We love that you snuck your way into our family. You were not expected, but it is apparent that heavenly Father had a different plan than we did. Loving and accepting you was not hard at all. We love that you are sooooo happy and good natured. We love that you are the quintessential Gerber baby, and everybody tells us how adorable you are. I must admit, that even though I'm severely biased, I totally agree. We love that you love your brother and totally idolize him! We love that you are so quick and smart and super easy-going and into EVERYTHING! {Okay, maybe we're not too happy about that one.}

We love you!!!

Happy 1st, baby-cakes!
Love, Dad & Mom & Einstein

6 devoted readers:

Ashley said...

Happy birthday Orion! His curly hair is so adorable! Thanks for the NYC tips, I'm so excited to try some of those out!!!

queenieweenie said...

Happy Birthday...I hope you keep those gorgeous curls FOREVER!!!

shay said...

Gorgeous all over! eyes, curls...yummy face! Happy Bday cutie!

Brittany said...

That last picture is SO absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday little man! You be good to your mommy this next year!

Calee said...

Your family is absolutely beautiful! I love reading your blog :) Happy belated birthdays to both you & Orion!

Jennie McBride said...

Oh my goodness cuteness... when did Orion get those adorable curls??

We can't wait to see you and the kids this weekend!

Love you!

UNCLE JARED and aunt jennie!