Christmas Picture Outtakes

I am not embarrassed... I know everyone goes through this. You have to take about 1 million pictures to get 'the one' that you will send to your friends and family. These three are not 'the one'. But they are funny:

Geez, how "not engaged in the photo" could a family get? I love that Orion is teething on my necklace; that would be #8 that has been broken/gnawed on. I should stop wearing jewelry! :)

Orion is spawn of Satan, Lincoln is staring off into who knows where (but with a nice smile, good for you, kid!), and I am slightly blurry. Bryan looks good, though.
And my personal favorite:
I can just see the tagline now:
"Happy Holidays from the Haggard Harrisons"
Too funny! This picture pretty much sums up 2008 for us! Maybe we actually should send this one out... ha ha, not really... :)

2 devoted readers:

Brandon and Rebecca said...

Oh, I LOVE that last one!!! Everyone should post the outtakes!!! (I will once we actually take them)

Jeff and Kimberly said...

Ha Ha, the last one cracks me up. You look drunk, Brian looks sleepy and Lincoln looks abused. Orion, on the other hand, looks good. Who would have figured that this would be your life :). Cute family.