Our 3 year tribute...

Our anniversary was... chaotic!

I was planning to have Bryan to myself and the kids for the whole day but work as always got in the way... blah! The original plan was to take the kids to Balboa Park and play at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center during mid-morning (our Anniversary happened to fall on their free Tuesday, so it was perfect!) However...
Bryan had a 'quick' job that morning that turned into a 3.5 hour endeavor! So, it was business as usual at home for me! Once he got home around 1pm, I needed to run a few quick surprise errands before we were to head off to dinner.
I was in a hurry and Lincoln was super whiny in the car (Orion was at home with daddy, taking their naps) and being a total distraction to me, so I cut the corner too close while parking in our complex, and... yeah. I hit the pole and gave the truck a big boo-boo. I was so mad! And sad. And hoping that it didn't look as bad as it sounded!

{I will post pictures here soon but for now my uploader is not doing what I want it to!}

Well, I didn't get a picture of how it looked with the pole paint on there (Bryan buffed it off), but it seriously looks a zillion times better without that rusty colored orange all over the side. (what is it with us and car issues lately? Man, when it rains it pours!) Bryan of course wasn't really that upset. I think it was my tears, and the fact that it was our anniversary that saved me!
After all that craziness, we had to quickly pack up the kids, take them to Lisa (thank you!) for babysitting and cousin time, then race down to San Diego for his surprise dinner. Well, because of the car debacle, we didn't make it to dinner for lack of time. We were going to go to Cafe Sevilla. Yummy! They serve Tapas, which are, in a nutshell, appetizers, so you can order pleny of them and share with your table. Don't worry if you aren't a seafood lover (Bryan hates it, I love it), there is quite a bit of variety on the menu. If you have not been there, make a special date to go! The ambience is so amazing, and on most weekends there are Flamenco dancers doing their thing. We have been once before and I was dying to go again, so what better opportunity? Well, we will go another time, when we aren't watching the clock so much!
(PS: DON'T forget money for parking in the Gaslamp!)
Anyway, the main reason we didn't make it to Cafe Sevilla is because I had booked a sunset ride on a Gondola in Coronado. Wow, that was so cool! I was surprised at how large the Gondola was! When you book, you are given the choice of dessert or an appetizer plate. I chose dessert (chocolate dipped strawberries) because we were supposed to be full from all those tapas! You are also provided with a bucket & ice, and two wine glasses; you provide your own drink. (I think they do it this way so they don't have to deal with an alcohol license? Smart business move!) Blankets are on the boat in case you get cold from the weather.

You have a gondolier (the boat driver) on your boat to maneuver you through the Coronado Cays (which, incidentally, I never knew existed in Coronado), and it is so amazingly relaxing and pretty darn romantic. This company offers rides every half hour, so you pass a gondola going out, and another coming in. Bryan liked it a lot!
Of course, I didn't take any pictures of the event. I think I took maybe one, but it turned out badly. So I only have the memories in my head... :(

Funny little side story:
I already have a friend who stole my idea. I seriously don't care if people do or not, I simply revel in the fact that I thought of it first! Shallow, I know. :) Anyway, it is her hubby's birthday the same day as our anniversary, and WE SAW THEM!!! They passed us by on their boat as we were entering the dock on ours. I thought that was hilarious. Bryan was like "What are you guys doing here?" LOL!

After the ride, we were starving! So we were planning to go back to the Gaslamp to eat, and what did I forget? I have no cash for parking! D'oh! And of course I am too cheap to go to a non-wamu ATM because I don't want to be charged exorbitant amounts of fees, so we wander around a bit until we decide it probably isn't worth it to wrestle with other restaraunteers to find a spot. So we decide on Carinos instead. Very convenient, and really good food, too! THEN, Lisa calls and says Lincoln is really whiny and keeps asking for me. Geeze! Okay, fine. We will pick up the kids, then order Carino's takeout, pick it up on our way home, and have a nice dinner with the kids in bed. Then Bryan says the whole point of going to Carinos is for the dining experience, so why dont we just skip it. BOOOOOOOOOO!
At this point I didn't care where we ate, I was almost sick from not eating since noon (it was after 9pm). So at about 10pm, we ended up going through drive through at Albertaco's mexican food in Vista!

Well, it may not have been the super romantic mini getaway that I was dreaming about, but I was happy to be with Bryan, even if it was greasy late night mexican food.

Happy Anniversary my love!

3 devoted readers:

queenieweenie said...

it'll be a good memory.

matt and i still laugh about our 3rd anniversary when all we could afford was a $10 pizza and a trip to the beach for family night with the kids. Two year old Hailey kicked sand on the pizza as soon as I opened the box. Still laughing!

Carli Webb said...

dude, that sounds like something that would happen to me. Nothing ever goes as planned, especially with kids involved. At least you got some alone time. Souded really nice! I will have to try thatgondola thing next time we are in town. Too bad I live in boring Utah and our anniversary is in October...just in time for snow. BOO!

shay said...

You may have just planned my 14th anniversary for me in a couple weeks!!! Truly, thanks! haahaha but I'm not kidding. We spent our last anniversary at Coronado, but who knew?! Gondolas--perfect! I've heard about Cafe Sevilla before, but haven't been..what a bummer it didn't work out for you as planned, but I'm with Allison...it's comical looking back.