Man, I am long-winded! Don't worry, this one will be really short.
I was on the phone with my brother Jared a few days ago, and we were talking about all sorts of stuff. His wife Jenni, has had some major events recently with her health, which has been extremely frustrating for her, since she has always been able to rely on her strong body and healthful lifestyle.
We were catching up on things (they live in St. George), and then he says the most awesome, General Authority-ish thing I have heard on a while (that hasn't come from an actual Gen. Authority, mind you):

"You know that Heavenly Father loves you when He gives you significant trials when you are young...
[chuckle, chuckle]"

I just really liked that! To me, it means that Heavenly Father wants you to learn and grow and be strong in your faith and unwavering in your devotion to Him. So He stretches you to the point where you think you just can't endure any longer. He truly tests you in whatever area it is (be it money, family, whatever)He feels you have something to learn. Then not only do you actually endure, but you learn, you are humbled, and you thrive. And for Him to do this when you are still young... how much further are you in wisdom and how much more did you learn now by molding yourself to His will in your younger years? [Not to say that those of us who are more mature don't have these experiences either; that's why they are "older and wiser", right?]Ok, I'm getting off my spiritual soapbox now. Just thought I'd share!

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Brittany said...

Thank you Sarah! I really needed to hear that. It's been one of those weeks and I really REALLY needed to hear that. I will probably come read it again later on tonight. Maybe even tomorrow! Thank you.