Look what I did!

I am so proud of myself... I am in no way a seamstress or even an avid user of the sewing machine! But once I started making my silk/fleece baby silkies for showers and friends' babies, there was no stopping the creativity bug. And here's what she hit me with:
My version of the diaper clutch!
I made my first ever box pleat(in the pocket)!
These pictures are really crappy; it looks so much better in person.
So my question is, if you saw this in a baby boutique, would you buy it for yourself/as a gift? Let me know, thanks!

6 devoted readers:

Hoy Family said...

Those types of items TOTALLY sell at craft shows, etc. That is a really good idea too and it's super cute!

Carli Webb said...

That is so cute! You should totally sell them on etsy!

queenieweenie said...

They are adorable. I only wish I was still changing diapers...not really.

Tiffany said...

Love that. And I agree that it would totally sell! I totally want one!

shay said...

Don't you love creating??!!! You're right--it IS a bug! Great job!

Ryan and Claudia said...

That's pretty cool! Good job! :)