Back to School Blues

BRYAN WENT BACK TO SCHOOL!!! He's finally following his (luckily, quite lucrative) dream, and going to graphic design school, specializing in 3D Animation/video game design. I am so proud of him and really excited that he's going to have 18 hour days every Monday-Thursday (I must be crazy). We're still operating Phoenix Industries all week, he goes to the YMCA to paper push for a few hours in the afternoon, then it's off to fight traffic to make it to school in El Cajon until 10pm, phew! What a grueling schedule! Most days he leaves before I wake up (or I am groggy with sleep as he is saying goodbye), and I am in bed before he gets home around 10:45. Single motherhood, here we come!

After many MANY late nights of research, I found Platt College, an accredited art school (which means they offer federal student aid, very important!) that specializes in video game development/design. That's what he's always wanted to do! So in two LONG years, he will have completed his AA and BA in Graphic Design/3D Animation. It's only two years (a little less, actually) because he got to test out of some Photoshop classes 'cuz he's a stud, and all his generals from Palomar transferred over, yay! Each class is six weeks long, three classes is a semester; a short amount of time for a platform entry into his dream career!

I'm not going to lie and say having Bryan not around is easy... today was CERTAINLY not easy! Everything that could have gone wrong with the boys did. Meltdowns everywhere, and no backup. But I really feel strongly that this sacrifice will definitely pay off in the end. So if I start complaining, someone bring this post to my remembrance! :)

3 devoted readers:

Tiffany said...

You are amazing! Keep going! And we can do lots of play dates!

Hazen5 said...

You are going to be fine! I am so happy for Brian, he's so talented.

Carli Webb said...

thanks! I actually have some of those mesh things. I will have to try that. I tried a pop earlier and that helped for a minute. Teething stinks!