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Update on Bryan's car accident! Because of the DUI hit and run situation, Bryan is considered a crime victim, which roughly translates to chiropractic care being paid for by the California Victim fund. What a sigh of relief! Not only that, but my brother's insurance will also pay up to a certain amount for medical bills, even though he's not on the policy. Another big sigh! And we can pursue a small claims court case to be reimbursed for lost wages, damaged equipment, and pain and suffering, which the other guy would pay out of pocket. I'm still not sure if it's even worth it or not to do that, because he's an illegal alien. Wouldn't he just skip town? And would we ever see that money anyway? I've heard that after a hearing, people rarely see the money owed to them anyway. Any suggestions/advice?

Bryan has been to a specialist, and the Doc said he has long term back issues, more than likely from sports, bad posture, etc. He did neurological tests to test for nerve damage, and he failed about half of them! His neck is almost completely straight (the bones should curve forward) from looking down constantly (thank you carpet buffer, computer usage, and video games), and all his injuries were severely exacerbated by the car accident. His back has pretty much been compensating for the broken down areas, so that's why his lower back and pelvis is tweaked.

Anyway, Bryan gave me permission to post his back x-ray. I'm pretty sure he's going to be in chronic pain for a while!

Notice the 'S' curve of his back, from his pelvis up.

(A little side story- While serving a mission, I always had really sick or injured companions, or I myself had injuries. I always wondered why I had been given such a huge spiritual experience in which I KNEW I should serve a mission, only to be holed up in an apartment for over half the time I was in Brasil. I have come to realize that those experiences have really taught me how to be patient and understanding during down time, not to mention all the EMPATHY I feel. Yes, empathy. It really sucks to have chronic pain, and now I know exactly how it feels! In that way, I can tend to Bryan better, knowing how he is feeling right now.)

His chiropractor is so amazing, and Bryan is slowly healing. He is frustrated with the slow process, but just like anything else, it takes time to heal.

So that's the latest. Heavenly Father really does take care of us. I'm sure we had to go through all this crazy stuff for something really good to happen. Because of the car accident, Bryan started getting more serious with his graphic design. So he's working part time, on photos for a catalog. I would post some of them, but I'm sure it would slightly infringe on copyright laws! :) And also because of the accident, Bryan never would have gone to see a chiropractor, and still would have had a messed up back and never known what was wrong with him. So I am counting my blessings. I am grateful that Bryan is still up and running, even though he has a laundry list of problems right now!

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Raadgep Fam said...

WOW so much news. I am glad that money is comming through and that you guys are being taken care of! I hope this next week more miracles happen!

The Thorsons said...

You should give small claims court a shot, worst case he does skip town & you don't get any money. Best case you do :o). A lot of time Illegal immagrants live really crapily here so that they can send money back to family in Mexico, who knows maybe he's loaded?

Michele said...

Hope Bryan is feeling better. Bad things shouldn't happen to people like you. It sounds like you are looking for the silver lining. Good for you!

Brittany said...

Goodness gracious! I am so sorry your family is dealing with MORE stuff! I am also totally proud of you for finding the good in something like this. That takes a LOT of faith. Thanks for being such an example to the rest of us!! Let me know if I can help in any way!

Hazen5 said...

I am so happy for you all. It's so good to hear things are looking up, you guys deserve it!

The Thorsons said...

the x's on the eggs just mean they are hard boiled. It's just something I do.

Ryan & Claudia said...

Sorry it's late, but thank you for your sweet words and for thinking of us. It was really touching. :)

I'm so glad to see that a lot of the crappy things got better for you guys. I was praying for you and I'm glad that although life is still hard, things are looking up.