Live-in maid service

I have the most amazing housekeeper!
He is still quite young in the housekeeping business, but he is quite good at what he does. Our housekeeper works all day, and is inexpensive for those of us on a tight budget. His multiple qualities include, but are not limited to:

dressing himself

dusting the piano keys

cleaning the bathtub

sweeping the floor

and my personal favorite...

loading the dishwasher.

How could you NOT love a little stinker like mine?

Just like his T-shirt says... "My parents are EXHAUSTED".

True that.

7 devoted readers:

Brooke said...

Lincoln is definitely turned into a little boy. No more baby at all! And I am SOOOO jealous of your dishwasher, and even more so that you have a maidservant. Can I borrow him this weekend?

Tiffany said...

What a good little helper! I need to borrow him!

Sarah said...

Ahh, yes... he gets more 'helpful' the closer it gets to nap time & bed time! :)

Carli Webb said...

your boys are so cute! You must be so tired though. How crazy is it having 2 so close together?

Sarah said...

There are wonderful awesome days, and then there are the OTHER days. The good normally outweighs the bad. I think it will be much more interesting when Orion is mobile!

Raadgep Fam said...

HOw Funny are you! How cute is your page! how did you do that?
UMMMM Can i hire your house keeper friday night, I have some cleaning that takes speacial hands! lol

Nikki said...

Love your little monkey!!!
He's soooo cute!