hip: a pontification

You know those people who are just "cool"? That just have a vibe about them? I totally want to be a mom like that.

A mom that has everything put together, has time to creatively craft little clothes and toys and books for their little ones, puts hot food on the table every night, shops exclusively at farmer's markets and whole food stores, weighs the perfect weight for her body frame, always looks fabulous in her trendy clothes, and is just happy with her life.

I'm lucky if I'm dressed and showered in the morning. I have wonderful ideas of clothes and toys and books for my little ones, though they don't quite ever come to fruition. Food is at least put on the table and my family isn't starving. I find that while visiting the farmer's market every now and again is a fun experience (halfway fun, halfway exhausting) going to Ralph's or Costco is MUCH easier on my wallet and patience. I so don't weigh my target weight. And let's be honest, right now it's not a priority for me. I have other goals that mean much more to me. I am NOT a fashionista. I'm lucky if my clothes aren't pj's until noon. Not for lack of trying, just that it's go-go-go until quiet time after lunch. But you know what???

I am still happy.

How can you not be happy with these cute, cuddly, incredibly dirty babies?!

My life may not be polished by any means, but I know my time will come. Eventually I will not have a sick child, my husband will not be a full time business owner by day and a full time student by night, and we will have a very pedestrian, somewhat normal lifestyle. Granted, my boys will still be incredibly active, my girl will still be dealing with her congenital defect, and I will probably be pregnant again (NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT, just looking to the future!). There will still be crud under the kitchen table to sweep up, toys to avoid stepping on, and I will still have a utilitarian way of viewing things. My home will not be featured on Simply Living or Better Homes and Gardens, but it will be full of love and acceptance.
I don't really know where I'm going with this post; I'm just writing what's coming out of my brain. I see other people's lives and read blogs and wonder if every other person feels the same way. What I see as cool and a model to strive for is laborious and boring for others? I'm sure it is.
I don't give off any pretense as to who I am. I don't hide the fact that I'm just me; a country-ish girl living in the suburbs. Someone who LOVES traveling to big cities and events where I can visit all the lights and glamour, but never wanting to be stuck in the middle of it forever. I enjoy my privacy, but not too much. I like to be the center of attention for about 30 minutes, then I'm over myself. I have many MANY people who I'm acquainted with, but aside from my family, I have few close friends. Does that mean I have a hard time making friends? I don't think so. Though I do think I have a hard time cultivating friendships. There are honestly about 4 people whom I've met in my life that I wouldn't want to be friends with. And believe me, if you're reading this, you're not one of them! :)
AND... I have a confession to make. My kids don't wear helmets. I find it ridiculous that kids wear helmets while riding a bike on the sidewalk, nowhere near cars, while they have training wheels on. Sorry. It's just silly. Why don't you just wrap them up in bubble wrap and sedate them for the rest of their lives too? That way, they're sure to never get hurt. I just find it really unnecessary. Around cars, on a busy street, of course! But in one's driveway? Not necessary. That's it. I'm done offending people! :)

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hi, i'm brooke! said...

oh sarah, you funny thing! i love you the way you are. no nonsense, blunt and all that. wouldn't have you any other way.

The leader said...

YAY for REAL PEOPLE! Don't know about your parts, but here in the midwest there is an abundance of real people just like us: dirty (but happy) kids, in lounge pants, modest homes but by no means magazine-worthy... you might just love it out here. ;-)

Susie said...

I laughed so much about the pj's until noon! I ONLY get out my my "lazy's" if we are going somewhere that day! And my girls get dressed if they do it themselves!! :0) Nothin wrong with that!! And I think The leader might be my neighbor cause that sure sounds an awful lot like us too!

Ashley said...

I can't even tell you how much I love this post. I feel the EXACT same way as you about so many things! I just want to come over to your house and talk for hours and be your newest friend. :) Thanks for posting such a real post! And WOW, your sweet little girl is so big and so chubby! Adorable!

Edeninc said...

Miss Sarah,
Thank you for reminding me about real people. I hope when I'm a mom, I can be more like you. More concerned with my child's happiness than their outfit. More focused on patience than success, and more grounded and real than driven to be be just like the Jones's. I've never actually met the Jones's but I expect their closets are full, but their hearts are pretty empty. Thanks for being real.

Lissy said...

Love and acceptance sounds better than magazine sleek to me! Just wanted you to know I (for one) have the same kind of thoughts a lot of the time. You got me thinking - so my seriously long comment is turning into a separate post... to be published later, because my baby is waking up now.. :)

Jessica said...

Just a note: those moms you were talking about at the beginning of your post, don't exist, or if they do, they have a nanny! Yay for real moms!

Stephanie said...

What an awesome post. I would say that I SO agree with you, except that, I don't have the same food on my plate as you do and I STILL STRUGGLE on a daily basis to have it all together. Slowly, but surely, my house is one small corner closer to clean (or one box closer to unpacked) and someday I hope to actually be a FUN mom. But my kids love me, and I love them, and overall, I'm quite happy with my life, complete with all it's challenges! (I wouldn't mind re-kindling our friendship, by the way, as you mentioned you have few close friends. I always considered you a great friend. But it's been years, and it feels like a lifetime in ways since our glory single days!)