Letters and shapes

Lincoln with my bro Jared (J-RAD)

Have I mentioned to anyone before that Lincoln is an evil genius? He is. Really. Okay, less on the evil, more on the genius. I'm not saying that because I'm his mommy and I'm supposed to. I really think that he's uber smart!
We have been working on shapes and letters for a little while, seriously not long at all. I used to
sing him the ABC's song when he was really little, so he knows how to recite his letters (the whole song, actually. It's really cute; he sings at the end: 'Now I know my A, B, C, D's...'), but I haven't gotten to the point yet of matching the letter shapes to the letter sounds, let alone upper and lower case.
But last night, he really surprised me. We were reading his bedtime story, 'The Story of Christmas'. After we were done, I was tucking him into bed, the usual routine, then he grabs the book, points at the cover, and says, "That's a 'H' "..... um, what was that? How do you know what an 'H' looks like??? Then he proceeds to name practically every letter on the book cover!
So I'm thinking, "This kid is the next Einstein", and I'm asking him what that letter is, what that letter is, etc. I wanted him to spell out 'story', so I asked, in procession, what each letter was. And this was the outcome:

mom- what's that letter? (I asked this before he recited each letter)

S - T - Circle - R - Y

So much for being Einstein! :)

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Amy said...

That is so cute!!! I think most parents are surprised at how much toddlers can learn. Keep teaching him (or simply exposing him to letters, sounds, etc.) and he'll be sounding out words at three.