Time for potty training???

Funny story. Well, funny depending on your outlook!

Lincoln lately has been more interested in the potty, in his anatomy (that's always a fun one), and in the bathroom process as a whole. I, on the other hand, am not particurlarly ready for the potty training process quite yet. I want him to be REALLY good and ready before I start that adventure!
About a week or so ago, he started taking off his diaper. It all started out by him taking it off in the mornings after waking up, and me finding his sheets, blankets, pjs (which he also wormed out of), and sometimes(usually) the floor soaked and reeking of pee. Honestly, when did motherhood become an OSHA hazard?

Anyway, just like any bad habit, it escalated (can you tell I watch C.S.I.?), from diaper takeoff in the mornings, to diaper takeoff at nap time, sometimes during the day, and at night right before he fell asleep. That's a full night of pee. Everywhere. Gross! I seriously have ENOUGH messes to clean up without this doozie!

(Brooke, do you recognize the PJs? LOL)
I have resorted to taping his diaper on. He is not too pleased with this turn of events. But I am more than enthralled! :) This solves both problems (the night and morning diaper shedding), and now he has stopped taking it off during nap time, even though I don't tape it during the day. Success!

So, this has been going on now for about two weeks, and tonight he peed in the potty! It was a totally random event, but I was so excited for him and he got a ton of praise and even an m&m, which is a HUGE treat for him (we don't really have a whole lot of candy hanging around; I'm one of those crazy people that actually never have an interest in buying it on a regular basis). After this, he of course wanted more candy, and kept on asking for 'more candy'. I told him the next time he went pee pee in the potty he could have one. A few minutes passed, and he came back to see me. He kept on saying something, and I couldn't tell if it was 'baby' or 'diaper'. Actually, it was both. HE TOOK OFF ORION'S DIAPER!!! Maybe he thought that if he could get Orion on the potty, he would get another m&m??? I thought it was totally hilarious, but kind of a bummer since Orion was a little poopy! Good thing I know a good carpet cleaner. :)
So now, I suppose I have to tape Orion's diaper too. Oh, the joys of pseudo potty training.

6 devoted readers:

Brooke said...

Actually YES! I totally did recognize the PJ's before you even said anything. I was like "hey- Sienna has those same PJ's"...then I realized I haven't seen the top for a while. Now I remember why! I love that he's still wearing them!

Lianna said...

oh Sarah, I am sorry you are dealing with so much right now. It sure puts my problems in perspective. If you ever want to get out with the boys for a walk or something let me know, we would love to hang out. Or, if you need me to take one of your boys for a walk, I can do that too ;) I hope Bryan recovers quickly

Tiffany said...

That is so sweet! What a little bundle of excitement that you get from those guys!

Raadgep Fam said...

Oh flippen cute! I love how he is just sitting there like he is haveing a buisness meeting!

Sarah said...

LOL, more like DOIN' his business! tee hee :)

Brittany said...

That is hilarious! Kasen used to do that too right when we started potty training. He woulk wake up with his diaper off and his bed and friends (mickey, bobby, time the bear, blankie) ALL full of pee! Some serious aim going on. I was washing his sheets every single day! No offense, because I know it sucks, but I am glad I am not the only one who went through that. lol....good boy for going on the potty though. He is still fairly young for that so PROPS to him AND you!!